How to cover my arms?

by Clarissa


I have a black, sleeveless, sheath dress. I need ideas on how to cover my arms in winter, and be funeral appropriate. I am 65 yrs old, but try to dress trendy.


Hi Clarissa

If you have a black dress there are several things you could add to warm you up and cover your arms.

1. If you have sufficient room in the dress you might add a blouse beneath it, rather like a pinafore dress.

2. A company called Sleeves 2 Go offers a couple of items that might work. A shrug and sleeve combo in either plain or lace fabric, or a knit crop top that you wear over your dress which looks very pretty.

3. No doubt that the smartest option would be to wear a jacket. Amazon have a wide range of tweed jackets at a very reasonable price and I suggest you choose something that you can wear with other items in your wardrobe.

I hope this helps,

kind regards

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