Grey hair

by Melanie
(Cherryville, Pa. USA)


Does my salt and pepper hair still keep me in my cool category? I am exhausted with trying to figure out where I belong, but the silver haired crowd is rarely addressed.


Hi Melanie

I'm sorry to have delayed in answering your query but I have been assembling a couple of features about greying hair.

For the most part, yes, greying hair will allow you to remain 'in season' particularly the Cool color family.

As your hair coloring changes so too your skin tone will cool a little too. Skin tends to lighten but as you're already the Cool color family, there is no reason why you shouldn't continue to look beautiful in your crisp Cool shades, particularly if your eyes are bright.

Your hair will either turn a delightful silver shade or if your coloring is deeper, then possibly into a deeper steel grey. But it will always remain Cool.

If you feel a little over-powered then try some of the lighter shades closer to your face. I won't say 'softer' shades because that can sometimes make you look and feel dull.

Check out all about Going Grey to see the various options.

And also see the Real Women Going Grey to see how different ladies have coped. It may give you some inspiration.

If you'd care to share your own photograph and worries or difficulties on this page it would be great and is always very helpful to others. Contact Me

kind regards

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