Foundation shades for a muted/soft

by Melanie

I have been told that I am almost every shade in the book - warm, cool, deep, spring. I have finally worked out that almost all colors in the soft category work for me.

While I'm doing pretty well coordinating outfits that work, I have wasted a frustrating amount of time and money on foundation shades. Nothing that has been chosen for me is quite right. In the Pantone makeup system, I come out as a "2y07" but the make ups in this category seem too warm and make me look sallow.

I'm looking for suggestions to solve this dilemma.

Hi Melanie

Sorry to hear your problem, but it's good that you recognize when a base color isn't working for you. If you are in fact Muted, then there are elements of both Warm and Cool in your genetic coloring and a color that leans too far in either direction will not suit.

No matter your coloring, there is no definitive rule for finding a foundation color to suit and there is no substitute for testing color on your jawline.

Try a 'stripe' of two or three different shades taking it from your lower cheek down over your jawline. Blend in with your finger. The shade that virtually disappears into your skin is the one you should be choosing.

Even then if you've had problems getting it right, ask for a sample or if not, get the consultant to apply it all over your face before you make the decision. Good foundation can be very expensive so take your time.

Don't forget that you will probably be applying blusher as well which then brings your coloring to life.

If your skin color deepens a little in the Summer, rather than buy different foundation colors, you can add a little tint of color with something like Guerlain Jolie Teint so you can keep the shade and texture you like.

Hope this helps.

kind regards

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