by Ing-Marie


I have light strawberry blonde light-reflecting eyebrows. When filling them in with brown pencil that sheen goes away and the brows appear to be matted.

I like dark brows framing the eye area but don't like that matte look.

So I wonder: are there any other options for filling in brows? Any warm golden brown pens that add sheen to the brows, not matteness?


I sympathise with your problem! I'm blonde and my brows are over plucked from years ago so I've often despaired over finding something that does the trick and looks natural.

But I've recently discovered with something like Wunderbrow something completely different.

It took me a few days to get it perfect but my eyebrows are the best they've ever been. It comes in 2 or 3 different colors but the blonde would appear to be right for you. Certainly worth a try.

kind regards

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