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7 ways you can dress to look slimmer

Many of us would like to dress to look slimmer - and with a few simple tricks you can visually streamline your silhouette. 

1 Dress to your body shape

  • Identify your Body Type and dress to fit and flatter your bone structure. Your figure will be enhanced when your clothes follow the contours of your body.
  • Address any figure challenges and follow the styling tips for your own individual body shape. There are many ways that you can visually camouflage or disguise problem 'spots'.

2 Wear well fitting underwear

  • Create a smooth line underneath with no visible pantie line and you'll be able to dress to look slimmer on top!
  • A well fitted bra will give you a smoother and more youthful figure. Don't be afraid to make use of Shapewear.
You can dress to look slimmer  #look slimmer

3 Not too big, not too small but 'fit'

  • Baggy clothes introduce additional volume to enlarge you.
  • Clothes that are too tight will cling - this will also make you look bigger.
  • Clothes that fit will enhance your figure - clothes should skim rather than cling. 

4 Visually influence the eye

  • Wear the same color top to toe or a monochromatic look i.e.different shades of one color. But not black unless it's a good color for you, choose a deeper tone from your color palette. Match shoes and hosiery for a longer line, match to your dress if possible.
  • Unco-ordinated colors will make you look bigger and chop you in half.
  • A wrap dress that skims and drapes won't add bulk to the figure. 
  • Dress to look slimmer with an illusion dress which sculpts inches from your silhouette.
  • A blouse that skims and flares without adding bulk.

5 Think Vertical

  • Vertical stripes or a row of buttons
  • vertical panel down the front of a dress
  • V necklines, a long necklace, drop earrings
  • assymetrical lines or handkerchief hems

Avoid straight horizontal lines which cut the body in half and so make it shorter. Anything that helps the eye to travel down will elongate the body.

How to never look fat again by Charla Krupp  #look slimmer

6 Dress to look slimmer by avoiding...

  • Fussy detail, frills and fullness
  • bulky knitwear and heavy textures
  • baggy clothes, your figure will be enlarged
  • horizontal stripes
  • glitzy, shiny fabrics or sequins draw the eye
  • light colors on your bottom half
  • tiny bags and jewelry make a body look bigger

7 Shoulder pads - always your friend

  • Wear shoulder pads to add width to your topline - it takes the emphasis away from midriff and hips.

And 3 things you can do...

1 Stand tall and confident

  • Good posture will make you appear taller and thinner and show your body to best advantage
  • Good posture will help your muscles to stay taut and keep your figure in trim
  • High heels will help you to stand up straight and tuck your bottom in but make sure they are proportionate to your size - not killer heels if you are very short.
How to never look fat again by Charla Krupp  #look slimmer

2 Draw attention to your face

  • Take trouble with your hair and makeup, it's the first thing we see.
  • Choose a hairstyle that suits you
  • Wear an open neckline without clutter showing some flesh.
  • A smile is the best cosmetic of all!
How to never look fat again by Charla Krupp  #look slimmer

3 Cheat the camera

How to be photogenic and lose a few pounds on camera. 

Photograph and tips are from Kate Pease of Kate Pease Photography, Salt Lake City - thank you Kate.

Shoulders and hips are the widest part of your body, turn a 45 degree angle and look at the difference.  Stand with your feet shoulder distance apart, weight on the back foot, give your knee a little bend and you have an instant waistline!

How to look slimmer in photographs #photogenic

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