Dark Hair in a Light Season


I would like to know your opinion about the possibility of a 'Light' having darkish brown hair, a mixture of warm and cool tones? There are colour analysts who declare that all things are possible, others argue that light hair could only belong to a light season - so I would like to know what your opinion of the likelihood would be?

Hi there

Yes I'd agree that the surprising can sometimes happen with Color Analysis, even online!

I analyzed Cherry (above) whose hair is practically black but her skin was so fair and cool that she only responded to the Summer colors, everything else was far too heavy for her. So the
Light Color Family is perfectly possible.

Finding the best palette for the individual is what it's all about. I always have an open mind.

kind regards

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Oct 09, 2021
Earth Colors
by: Chara

My simple question is:
To what season do earth colors belong?
Are they Soft Autumn?
Or where do they fit in?
//Greetings from Chara//

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