Clothes colour to wear with white hair

My hair started to go white when I was 39. I am now 65 and have never coloured it as, very luckily, it's a beautiful colour and gets many positive compliments as I keep it well cut. I have olive skin and hazel eyes, am slim 5'3" tall and am wondering if I could wear the new style of loose fitting / flowing outfits. I have always worn fitted neat clothes. What color scheme would you suggest.

Hello (sorry I don't have a name)

Your hair is an amazing color and you're fortunate to have a strong skin tone as well so you're creating lots of contrast.

As we get older, we have less body tone and therefore tailored clothes feel much more restrictive. So the style for softer more flowing clothes provides comfort as well as being flattering and goes with the more relaxed lifestyle of retirement etc. As you're petite just ensure that your clothes don't over power you - aim for a slender silhouette rather than anything that makes you look wider.

I've recently featured Judi Dench as a Natural Style Personality who has developed her own personal style with shapes that are comfortable and elegant.

I wonder if you are thinking along the style lines I've pictured above - wide legged pants are so useful.

As far as colors are concerned, with your elegant hair style and quite dramatic skin tone, you can almost create your own color palette.

I don't actually know your color direction but it sounds as though you lean towards a warm undertone. I think you would possibly feel and look good with some of the Autumn shades which you could team with some subtle natural toned neutrals. It would be classic and timeless and suitable for any occasion.

If you want to find your most flattering colors and neutrals then I'd suggest Personal Color Anaysis,

kind regards

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