Can I be a mix of Tonal groups?

by Emma


If I understand correctly, in tonal analysis you wll belong to one of the 6 groups. And if you have elements of 3, you may be a season.

But is it possible to be a mix of 2 tonal groups? so that you don't fall unequivocally into one tonal group but not a true season either (because you lack the third charateristic)....


Hi Emma

Brilliant! I love the way you've phrased that question and it's made me look at the way I explain things!

Both Seasonal and Tonal color analysis have beautiful color palettes and it depends on your individual coloring which suits you. The methods complement each other perfectly.

Both Seasonal and Tonal work with the Characteristics of Color - you could be Light or Deep; could be Muted or Bright; could be Warm or Cool.

If you have 3 equally strong Color Characteristics that ‘fit’ the very precise specifics for Seasonal Color Analysis then you will automatically slot into a Seasonal Color Family.

If you have 1 Color Characteristic that is stronger, more obvious, than the others then you will automatically become one of the Tonal Color Families.

And yes, you can have a Second and even a Third characteristic that will direct you to the most flattering colors within that Tonal Color family.e.g. Cool Light and Bright which means that you can wear all the Cool colors but the lightest and brightest shades within that color palette will be your best.

So yes you can have 3 color characteristics that don't fit into the Seasonal specifics!

What does matter is that the Color Consultant you choose properly understands how Color works and that you find the best colors for YOU!

kind regards

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