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Body Type Quiz - Question 2

You have Curved Hips - now we're going to look at the relationship of your Hips with your Shoulders.

2 Are your Shoulders...

...more or less in line with your Hips?

...narrower than your Hips?

Body Type Quiz #body type #body shape quiz

If your hips and shoulders are pretty much the same width with a defined waist you have an enviable HOURGLASS figure.

You are a curvy lady - there are no straightlines in your figure.

Click into the image above to show you the Hourglass Figure.

Body Type Quiz #body type #body shape quiz

If your hips are wider than your shoulders with a defined waist then you have a PEAR SHAPE figure - often called a triangle shape.

You have a curvy body, there are no sharp lines in your figure. 

Click onto the image above to take you to Pear Shaped Body.

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