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Your Style #151 late Feb 2024

Hi there

It was wonderful to read your entries to the Color Analysis competition earlier this month - thank you so much. Every one was worthy of a prize but there has to be the special one!

The winner is Julie from New Zealand who has bravely faced severe health challenges and come through with such a positive statement; "I want to embrace my future life with energy and a wardrobe of colour that brings life to my appearance too!"  You'll see Julie in the March issue of Your Style.  

I'm often asked about jeans that actually fit a 'woman' rather than a teenager. And I have to admit that I find it harder to fit as I get older and my figure changes. Jeans I'm assured don't need to be washed nearly as often as we think they do, so paying a little more for them (buying less in fact) could be the answer. The 'women shape' jeans I discuss below are available both sides of the Atlantic!

A beautiful cold but sunny day with blue sky here - what a tonic! with love Pamela x

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Booty Lifting Jeans 

Booty Lifting Jeans? Exactly what every curvy woman needs in her wardrobe whatever her age or size! 

Whether your special date night involves a casual dinner or a night out on the town, there's nothing like a great pair of jeans to make you feel confident and stylish. And there is certainly no denying the power of a pair of 'booty lifting jeans' ready to accentuate your curves for that extra boost of confidence. 

Figure changing with maturity? Then a pair of booty lifting jeans is the perfect wardrobe staple. No hesitation when you know that your figure will look it's best. 

Your Style 151 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #bodyshape https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-151.html

Beauty Spotlight Team 

Westman Atelier Lit up Highlight Cream is pure magic says Lola's Secret Beauty Blog. It gives an ethereal glow that is stunning and flattering.

Angie at Your True Self Blog shows us how to wear a sequin top or topper. Whatever type of sequined piece you have Angie has the inspiration to make you shine!

Allison from Never Say Die Beauty reviews the improved vegan lifting and firming City Beauty Advanced Action Sculpting Cream. Check out her review for 50% off!
Your Style 151 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #bodyshape https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-151.html

It's Valentine's month, and you deserve to feel fabulous in your own skin. Barbie's Beauty Bits is celebrating with the style, comfort, sexiness and fun of Honeylove bras and shapewear. They'll make you fall in love with your curves, silhouette and, most importantly, yourself!

As part of the Beauty Spotlight Team I'm sharing my findings on Booty Lifting Jeans from the article above. 

CLICK HERE to read former Beauty Spotlight Team features.  

12 Season Color Analysis

12 Season Color Analysis is admitting that 4 Seasons don't work for everyone. Very true they don't!

The Seasons are very precise because they are a mix of 3 specific color characteristics. Once the Seasons are broken down into individual elements e.g. Soft Autumn, then you will have a limited color palette which is extremely frustrating! 

Rather than accepting fewer colors take a look at the TONAL Color Families - probably perfect for YOU! 

Your Style 151 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #bodyshape https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-151.html

Your Online Color Analysis - the COOL color family

It's invariably difficult to analyze oneself!

After trying many online quizzes, Sarah had sadly accepted that she must be an Autumn because of hazel eyes, occasional red highlights in her hair and freckles so she made quite an effort although they made her feel very drab. Even makeup assistants mentioned yellow tones in her complexion. All very confusing as she naturally gravitated towards strong clear colors! 

Your Style 151 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #bodyshape https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-151.html

"I love Color and can often spot people who are Warm or Cool but couldn’t figure out my own season. Now I know why!

Funny because today I had a video call wearing a navy blouse, silver hoops, and a silver/pearl necklace as I read my results from you! It's really interesting how you say people decorate their homes in their natural colors. I'm drawn to cool blue-gray, navy and blues all around me. They just make me so happy! I love everything to do with the ocean and water

I’ve always been drawn to cool jewel tones and hoped I was Cool. Over the years every online quiz pointed me to Autumn with hazel eyes, brunette hair, a few red highlights and freckles. Thank goodness I can finally donate the orange cardigan!" Sarah, USA

Once I returned (virtually!) Sarah's hair color to her natural mid brown it was much easier to see that her complexion, hair and eyes were perfectly in tune. Sarah had adjusted her hair color over the years and the resultant golden tones were 'throwing' the tone of her complexion.  

No reason not to color now that Sarah knows the best shades to fully complement her natural coloring!

with love Pamela x

Figure Challenges

Your Style 151 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #bodyshape https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-151.html
Your Style 150 #freecolorcompetition #freecoloranalysis #colorandstyle https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-150.html
Your Style 151 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #bodyshape https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-151.html
Your Style 151 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #bodyshape https://www.style-yourself-confident.com/your-style-151.html

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Pamela x

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