Color Analysis MUTED or SOFT?

Color Analysis Muted? Is this your color palette?

Looking your best starts with understanding your natural coloring and echoing it with the the colors you wear. Translate it further still into the colors you use for your hair and makeup.

If you are Color Analysis MUTED, you will look your best in Soft and Muted shades with a low contrast - whereas colors that are bright and vivid will overpower your gentle coloring.

Your colors have elements of both Warm and Cool.

The MUTED color family #color analysis #Muted color family #Meryl Streep

Each of the beautiful shades in the MUTED color palette has the same PRIMARY CHARACTERISTIC as your own - there are no harsh vivid tones. 

Colors that have been muted down with grey are the shades that will complement your natural coloring and create harmony.

Your natural coloring...

Your natural coloring is...

well, it's kind of medium! Any color that leans too heavily towards warm or cool, too pale or too dark - any of those can be overpowering and drain you of color.

MUTED or SOFT tones mean that the colors are 'greyed down' and dusky complementing your natural soft coloring. These colors can look dull on others but on you they look RICH, BLENDED and EXPENSIVE.

The delicacy and gentleness of this beautiful array of colors allows the strength of your own natural muted coloring to shine through without being overpowered.

You will have conflicting color elements...

Both Warm and Cool...

Your hair: is not the blondest nor the darkest of brown hair, in fact, you may even refer to yourself as 'mousey'.

Your eyes: could be blue/green or grey/green, brown or hazel.

Your skin tone: is of a medium intensity, neither light nor deep, but your natural coloring comes to life enhanced by the soft shades of your color palette.

Seasonal Analysis wouldn't work as you would be wrongly determined as SUMMER or AUTUMN

MUTED can be misleading...

We are accustomed to the terms Warm, Cool, Light and Deep but because you have elements from all the Color Families, your coloring causes contradictions.  Warm hair and eyes with cool skin; cool hair and skin with warm eyes; light hair with dark eyes - whatever your mix, it is this blend of tones that demands the middle ground.

The MUTED color family #color analysis #Muted color family #Meryl Streep

Your Color Family has a whole spectrum of colors - from light and cool through to deeper warmer shades - but it is the MUTED / SOFT color characteristic that always dominates and echoes your natural coloring.

There is no need to ever feel limited with colors. Wear whatever color you like - red, blue, green, purple - they are all featured in your color palette. But... your color direction will direct you to the very softest shade of each to flatter your natural delicate coloring.

Color Analysis MUTED shades will create Color Balance with your own natural coloring...

CHOOSE: softness rather than clear bright tones. If you have found certain colors to be overpowering in the past they were obviously too heavy for you.

The idea of creating a monochromatic look is particularly good on you. Enjoy playing with lots of different shades of one color. As long as they are all muted tones they will blend seamlessly.

Stone-washed or a 'faded' look will flatter your complexion, in denim, moss or jade green.

NEUTRALS: Use neutrals from off-white to charcoal grey, avoiding the harsh tones of black and white. Mid-tones of beige, soft cocoa and olive provide some of the most useful bases and are a perfect foil for the lighter and prettier tones in your color pallet - rose pink, periwinkle and watermelon red.

Nearly halfway between Summer and Autumn but not quite!

It would be easy to say that you are halfway between SUMMER and AUTUMN but this is not strictly true. Although they both have Muted in their makeup it is only the Softest shades of each that are included in the MUTED color swatch.

Other elements that appear in the Summer and Autumn swatches are excluded because they do not relate to your overall soft coloring. 

The MUTED color family #color analysis #Muted color family #Meryl Streep

All these colors will balance your natural coloring and you can effectively enjoy them all.

But, if your skin tone leans towards Cool then you may look and feel your best with the lighter cooler shades close to your face. If your skin tone or hair shows more warmth then you may find that the deeper warmer shades are kinder to your complexion.

It can be difficult to visualize how the colors from your swatch come together in an outfit. So for real visual inspiration, take a look at a beautiful range of jersey separates and dresses which bring your Color Swatch to life from Kettlewell Colours.

All you need to enjoy your MUTED colors...

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The MUTED Color Brief £1.50

The Muted Color Brief is ready to download and print with all the concise information you need to start wearing and enjoying your own Color Family - colors, makeup hair etc.

11 pages of information including 45 color shades you can make into your own swatch.

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The TONAL Color Brief £6.00

Like to know more about how Color Analysis works? I show you an easy way to identify your Color Family.

Of course this isn't equivalent to a professional Color Analysis but it's a concise reference for anyone interested in the subject and comprehensive enough to be a starting point into the magical world of Color!

There are 60 pages in all with 45 colors for each Color Family - ready to download and print.

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The MUTED color swatch £32.00

45 fabulous fabric shades come with a wealth of information about how to wear and co-ordinate your colors.

It's impossible to carry a color shade in your head so a color fan is perfect for shopping/wardrobe planning. No more mistakes - save TIME and MONEY!

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