Seasonal color analysis AUTUMN!

Is this your Color Palette? Do these colors feel LIKE YOU?

A true Seasonal Color Analysis AUTUMN is the most elegant and sophisticated of all the color palettes.

As Summer fades into Autumn glory, the colors become soft and rich, warm and blended.

The Autumn shades can be dull on many people, but on you they look CLASSIC and ELEGANT, RICH and EXPENSIVE!

If your color characteristics are Warm, Deep and Muted then these are the colors for you.

The AUTUMN color palette allows you to re-create your natural coloring in the clothes and makeup that you wear.

This creates COLOR BALANCE and harmony!

Seasonal color analysis Autumn #Autumn season  #Autumn colors #color analysis

Match your natural coloring...

Your eyes: will be warm green, golden/amber or hazel, turquoise/teal - often with yellow flecks.

You have medium contrast - there is usually a reasonable contrast between your eyebrows, skin and hair color. 

Your hair:

is likely to be auburn through to a rich Warm Deep chestnut, sometimes even deeper.

Your skin tone:

is WARM - ivory, golden beige through to a deep coppery tone - and always with a golden undertone.  You may have freckles.

Seasonal color analysis Autumn #Autumn season  #Autumn colors #color analysis

Seasonal Color Analysis AUTUMN
- a glorious mix of DEEP, WARM and MUTED

If you fit comfortably in this category your natural coloring is glorious and you have a wonderful mix of these 3 color characteristics.

However, sadly, Seasonal Color Analysis Autumn is often not determined correctly.

If you've been analyzed as a Deep Autumn, Warm Autumn or Soft (Muted) Autumn then you may not be a true AUTUMN at all!

Most importantly, you may be missing out on a wider range of colors that you could be enjoying because your palette has been diluted. 

Check out the details of Flow Seasonal Color Analysis to see if you might be missing out. 

Seasonal color analysis Autumn #Autumn season  #Autumn colors #color analysis

AUTUMN colors create balance with your natural coloring

The beautiful array of colors in your COLOR FAMILY will enhance and intensify the warm golden undertones and bring your coloring to life.

Your skin and eyes are always clearer when you are wearing complementary tones and blemishes will be minimized. A natural bloom will appear; the right make-up will enhance this even more.

Seasonal color analysis Autumn

Your most flattering colors are always:

  • Warm, Deep and Muted (soft)
  • with a golden (yellow) undertone)
  • Ivory and cream is always better than pure white which is too stark for your warm complexion
  • every shade of nature from deep golds and oranges, rich reds and greens, heathery blue mountains and deep teal of the sea

Your most flattering neutrals:

  • camel and coffee brown through to the deepest chocolate
  • ginger and terracotta through to the deepest rust
  • Warm marine navy, warm grey or olive green

Colors to AVOID:

  • Avoid colors with a blue undertone - too harsh for your complexion
  • Avoid colors that are too pale - they do not match the depth of your coloring
  • Avoid colors that are harsh and bright against your softness

How to cope with hard-to-wear colors

Cool Bright colors - raspberry, royal blue, blue red - are not your best shades. If you must wear them, team them with a cooler color near to your face which will soften the effect.

Update Nov 17 : You don't have to look like an Autumn leaf!

It's misleading to think that because Autumn colors are WARM, DEEP and MUTED that they can't be VIBRANT and yes almost BRIGHT! You don't have to look like a pile of Autumn leaves!

Some of the colors are exclusively Warm and rich, some of them are exclusively Deep and strong; some are exclusively soft and MUTED with grey added to soften and blend. It is this rich blend of intensity and undertone that takes away any harshness and makes this one of the softer seasonal palettes.

This season Kettlewell Colours shows us how to incorporate the colors of the season - RED and BURGUNDY - into the Autumn palette. Mix with sunshine shades to lift your mood or choose the classy classics. 

Bring your color swatch to life!

Holding your brand new color swatch in your hand is exciting - but the next thought often engenders panic as you wonder what on earth you're going to do with it now.

It can be really difficult to visualize how all the beautiful color shades will actually transform themselves into an outfit and find their way into your wardrobe!

Well wonder no more because we're going to bring it to life. 

Seasonal color analysis Autumn #Autumn season  #Autumn colors #color analysis
Seasonal color analysis Autumn #Autumn season  #Autumn colors #color analysis

Over 100 colors, from all the Seasonal palettes, come to life in a beautiful range of jersey separates and dresses from Kettlewell Colours.

Outfits are photographed and displayed according to Season so you can easily see how the different shades of Seasonal Color Analysis Autumn harmonize and work together.

You'll find all your wardrobe basics in flattering shapes and sizes.

In fact all the hard work is done for you!

Seasonal color analysis Autumn #Autumn season  #Autumn colors #color analysis

Do your colors change as you age? 

No - your natural coloring is genetic so it never changes.

However, as your hair begins to transition into grey losing pigment, your skin can also lose color.

This is probably more obvious with a Warm skin tone and coloring your hair will allow the warmth to stay dominant otherwise the muted softness can take over. 

Seasonal color analysis Autumn #Autumn season  #Autumn colors #color analysis

But... that is by no means always the case and many women continue to enjoy their brightest shades. Irish actress Fionnula Flanagan above has changed from rich auburn to grey/white with no loss of enjoyment in her colors for clothes or makeup.    

If you do choose to color your hair ensure that you add a subtle mix of tones to create a natural look rather than a solid color.  

Like to wear Black?

When you've had seasonal color analysis Autumn people, in particular, are usually told that Black is a no-no! Well it will never be the best color to wear close to your face but as long as you are aware of that you can make it work.

For the evening wear a slightly lower neckline and introduce some lustrous creamy pearls to bring softness to your face or other jewelry that adds warm color - amber, gold or enamels.   

Enjoy wearing black in general? There's no reason why you can't! As long as you know that black is never going to be good close to your face, then utilise one of your best warmer shades to make it work: a scarf near to your face, a collar over a jacket, even a pair of gold or cream pearl earrings will introduce Warmth.  

In fact, black can add the perfect foil for some of the most brilliant Autumn shades such as tomato red or pumpkin.  

All you need to enjoy your AUTUMN colors

The Autumn Color Brief £3.00

The AUTUMN color Brief is ready to download and print out with all the concise information you need to start wearing and enjoying your own Color Family - colors, makeup, hair etc.  

15 pages of information including DIGITAL COLOR SWATCH that can be on your Iphone or Ipad for shopping. Or you can make it into a mirror image of the fabric color swatch.

The Seasonal Color Brief - £6.00
4 Seasonal Briefs + swatches 1/2 the price

Enjoy all 4 Seasonal Color Briefs - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter - for the price of 2 plus 4 digital color swatches.

It also shows you a simple way to identify your own 'best' Season and how to wear and enjoy your Color Family.

Autumn color swatch £25.50 with FREE digital color swatch

The AUTUMN color fan holds 30 precision dyed fabric color swatches which fan out to show the whole range of harmonizing shades (shown in the square).

The fan is practical and easy to use, 12.5cm x 6.5cm, finished in a suede style cover and comes with a wealth of information about co-ordination, cosmetics, accessories etc. Don't think that your choice is now limited, between these colors there are literally hundreds of shades and tones just like an artist's palette.

ALSO INCLUDED: When I acknowledge purchase of your swatch I will send you a FREE DIGITAL COLOR SWATCH so you can always have your colors to hand on your Ipad or phone.

In the UK? Please use this button to purchase, p & p £1.50

Outside the UK? Please use this button to purchase, p & p £3.95

Makeup for Autumn coloring

Discover the best makeup shades to flatter your Warm Deep skin.

Wearing complementary tones from your COLOR FAMILY will enhance and intensify your golden tones bringing your natural coloring to life.

Seasonal color analysis Autumn #Autumn season  #Autumn colors #color analysis

How to wear Autumn colors in Summer

Think you can't find your colors? If you have been determined as seasonal color analysis Autumn you don't have to be stuck for the rest of the year! There are always colors around that will suit you once you know how to recognize them. 

Seasonal color analysis Autumn #Autumn season  #Autumn colors #color analysis

Are you 'Flowing' ...

If you've been analyzed as 'flowing' from one season into another then you're probably not a Season at all!

Soft Autumn, Warm Autumn or Deep Autumn?

If you've been determined as a Soft Autumn, Warm Autumn or Deep Autumn? Then you're probably not a True Season and you're probably missing out on lots of other colors you could be enjoying. 

Seasonal color analysis Autumn #Autumn season  #Autumn colors #color analysis
Seasonal color analysis Autumn #Autumn season  #Autumn colors #color analysis
Seasonal color analysis Autumn #Autumn season  #Autumn colors #color analysis

How to use your color swatch

Whatever your color family, holding your new color swatch in your hand is very exciting as you flick through the beautiful colors and recognize how easily they all harmonize. 

But what next? Uh..uh... how am I supposed to transform these stunning colors into clothes to make me look fabulous? It's easy once you know how.

Seasonal color analysis Autumn #Autumn season  #Autumn colors #color analysis
Seasonal color analysis Autumn #Autumn season  #Autumn colors #color analysis

Seasonal Color Analysis AUTUMN

The season of mists and mellow fruitfulness! The vistas of Nature! Rich reds and golds, browns and orange, deep pine green and the softness of heathery mountains!

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