CAPSULE WARDROBE PLANS for Spring/Summer 2017

Ready for a Wardrobe Makeover?

Nothing to wear and a hectic lifestyle? Getting organized with a WARDROBE MAKEOVER isn't an indulgence it's just plain common sense!

Most women wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time! Buying or even having clothes in your wardrobe that you don't wear is a complete WASTE OF MONEY!

It may not be for everyone. If you're good at putting outfits together at a moment's notice; if you're creative and love an eclectic mix of color and style; or even if you're a disciplined shopper; then you won't need a wardrobe makeover!

Ready for a Wardrobe Makeover?  #wardrobe makeover #image consultant #capsule wardrobe for a Wardrobe Makeover

Turn Fantasy into Fact...

If you could wave a magic wand...   a few tops, skirts and trousers that inter-mix, a couple of jackets to co-ordinate, a few well chosen belts and scarves for a touch of STYLE - everything fitted to perfection! You couldn't fail to LOOK GOOD whatever the occasion! So go on, make life easier for yourself!

If you've got a hectic schedule...

and more important things on your mind? Need to make life easier in the mornings? Family commitments don't give you time for yourself?

Then a Wardrobe Makeover will show you how to make your clothes work for you and your lifestyle - so you can get on with the more important things in life!

Organize your Wardrobe...

and streamline your life.

Whether your wardrobe is large or small, you're a big spender or on a budget - sorting out, tidying up and planning ahead will:

  • Save you TIME and MONEY!
  • Show you how to look your best
  • Raise your confidence and self esteem
Ready for a Wardrobe Makeover?  #wardrobe makeover #image consultant #capsule wardrobe

Wardrobe Planning is just common sense...

Identify what you'd like to achieve so you know where you're heading. The more you know about yourself - colors and body shapes - the easier it will be. Your wardrobe makeover only needs to work for you and your lifestyle...

Ready for a Wardrobe Makeover?  #wardrobe makeover #image consultant #capsule wardrobe

Your own Wardrobe Consultant

Your step-by-step guide to sorting, editing and deciding what's right and what's not for you! Dress to please yourself...

All about Capsule Wardrobes...

A small collection of Wardrobe Essentials that mix, match and work together..... but is it right for everyone?

Is a capsule wardrobe right for you?   #capsule wardrobe #image consultant #wardrobe planning

Just a sensible Closet Makeover!

My Ready Steady Go list will re-assure you - we're doing this sensibly and you're in control! Don't get rid of anything until you're totally sure of what you want to achieve...

Ready for a Wardrobe Makeover?  #wardrobe makeover #image consultant #capsule wardrobe

Business Casual for Women

One of the most difficult dress codes to crack is Business Casual for Women. Women run the risk of a fashion 'faux pas' more easily...

Ready for a Wardrobe Makeover?  #wardrobe makeover #image consultant #capsule wardrobe

French Fashion Style

No-one does the capsule wardrobe like a French woman and there's so much we can learn from her example. Let's go back to basics and see how it's done!

Ready for a Wardrobe Makeover?  #wardrobe makeover #image consultant #capsule wardrobe

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