A soft spot for Leopard!

I've had a soft spot for leopard print ever since my mother bought me some cuddly PJ's in my teens. 

Ok I don't want to wear it head to toe but I'm thrilled to see that it re-appears almost every Fall in some guise or other and it never fails to raise a smile! 

It's become such an accepted neutral that you can find accessories to perk up your wardrobe collection whatever your color palette.

There are all sorts of variations on a theme for Leopard print but you might be surprised to know that you can actually choose a print that leans towards Warm or one that leans towards Cool.

Love a bit of leopard print? But is it Warm or Cool? http://www.style-yourself-confident.com/soft-spot-for-leopard.html

Even though I've got a soft spot for leopard I've always been instinctively fussy about the tones I choose.

Prints that have an over abundance of browns and yellow tones have never appealed to me even though it was years later before I realised that it's because my coloring is Cool.

So prints that include the coolest taupes, light beige, greys and black are likely to be far more appealing to you if you have a Cool skin tone too and they'll happily fit with the neutrals from your palette.

If you wear Warm shades however it's likely that you will be drawn to a spot of leopard with more yellowy tones and gingery browns which will perfectly complement your Warm neutral palette. 

Is your soft spot for Leopard Warm or Cool?

Leopard skin does come with a bit of a reputation of course and my husband absolutely hates it - still thinks it's associated with brassy barmaids! However, now that our ladylike Prime Minister is sporting leopard print shoes, it's obviously come of age and can be said to have taken on far more of a sedate role!

If you love a spot of leopard then take a look above at how the different fabrics and prints influence the clarity.  The softer prints and colors towards the middle of the image will be easier to wear for someone with gentle coloring while the brighter prints towards the outside of the image will appeal to those with higher contrast. 

Any of these pretty separates will fit in with your own neutrals.

And if you're worried that an animal print won't look classy, then take a look at the gorgeous pure silk blouses from Diana von Furstenburg, TheRealReal and Tibi for a completely different dimension - at the keenest prices. 

Or for just a touch...

Add a soft spot for leopard with an accessory. Nothing 'in your face' but a touch of fun that you'll use with so many different outfits. And fun on the beach!

It just won't go out of style!

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