Seasonal color analysis SUMMER!

Is this your color palette?

Seasonal Color Analysis SUMMER is probably the prettiest of all the color palettes.

As the fresh and warm tones of Spring give way to the sleepy days of summer, the colors become soft and dreamy, seen through a 'heat haze'.

If your color characteristics are LIGHT, COOL and SOFT then these are the colors for you. 

The SUMMER colors allow you to re-create your natural coloring in the clothes and makeup that you wear so creating COLOR BALANCE.

Seasonal color analysis Summer #Summer season #Sarah Jessica Parker

Match your natural coloring

Match your natural coloring Cool, Light and Soft

Your hair:

will be ash blonde through to fair, or light brown. As a child you may have been white blonde, fair or light brown. It is likely that it has darkened but the overall effect is cool and ashy.

There is often a small element of red in your hair but it is best to play this down otherwise it can make your skin look sallow.

If your hair has darkened and you feel a bit 'mousey', choose ash blonde highlights. As you age your hair will turn to the most delightful silver.

Your eyes:

will be light blue, blue grey, green grey, slate blue, even hazel - all softly greyed down - you may have a slightly darker rim around the iris.

Your skin tone:

is fair to porcelain, ivory through to a medium beige, but to all there is a blue undertone which gives a pink tinge to your complexion. You are likely to flush or blush easily. Avoid a true beige foundation, it will 'flatten' your coloring. Instead select a color with a slight pink undertone - ask at the cosmetic counter if you need help.  

Seasonal Color Analysis Summer
- a glorious mix of LIGHT, MUTED and COOL

If you fit comfortably into this category your natural coloring is beautiful  and you have a wonderful mix of these 3 color characteristics.

However, sadly, Seasonal Color Analysis Summer is often not determined correctly.

If you've been analyzed as a Light Summer, Soft Summer or Cool Summer then you may not be a true SUMMER at all.

You might even be missing out on a wider range of colors that you could be enjoying because your palette has been diluted. 

Check out the details of 12 Season Color Analysis to see if you are missing out.

Seasonal color analysis Summer #Summer season

Summer colors create balance with your natural coloring...

A plethora of beautiful flowers from an English summer country garden - mauves, blues, violets, pinks! These pretty tones can be far too soft for many people but you need the gentleness to avoid your delicate natural coloring being overpowered.

Although your colors are COOL, they are the gentlest and the softest of the COOL palette. Light and gentle does not mean pastel just that all the shades have a lightness of pigment.

The soft berry shades and sea green are deeper than you might expect but the effect is subtle and almost sultry. Your neutral tones of grey and navy denote professionalism just as much as heavier tones on a deeper coloring. 

Your most flattering colors:

  • are Cool i.e. they have blue undertones
  • every shade of blue from pastel through to navy blue is wonderful for you
  • the prettiest of pinks, soft berry and soft fuchsia
  • the softest sea green and the lightest of clear red
  • not necessarily Light colors just Light pigments to balance the lightness of your natural coloring
  • soft white rather than pure white which is too clinical for you

Your best neutrals:

  • rose beige through beautiful cocoa to rose brown
  • light blue grey and silver grey through to grey navy; all soft dusty shades that will provide the perfect foil for your light pretty tones. 

The beautiful array of colors in your COLOR FAMILY all have the same Color Characteristics as your own - they will enhance and intensify your cool blue undertones and bring your coloring to life. 

Your skin and eyes are always clearer when you are wearing complimentary tones and any blemishes will be minimized. A natural bloom will return to your cheeks and the right make-up will only enhance this even more.

Bring your Color Swatch to Life!

The colors of the SUMMER palette allow you to re-create your natural coloring in the clothes and makeup you wear creating COLOR BALANCE.

Holding your brand new color swatch in your hand is exciting - but the next thought often engenders panic as you wonder what on earth you're going to do next.

It's difficult to visualize how the beautiful color shades will actually transform themselves into an outfit and find their way into your wardrobe.

Well wonder no more because we're going to bring Seasonal Color Analysis Summer to life. 

Summer fabric color swatch fan  #Summer season #color swatch #color analysis

Over 100 colors, from all the Seasonal palettes, come to life in a beautiful range of jersey separates and dresses from Kettlewell Colours.

Outfits are photographed and displayed according to Season so you can easily see how the different shades of Seasonal Color Analysis Summer harmonize and work together.

You'll find all your wardrobe basics in flattering shapes and sizes.

In fact all the hard work is done for you!

Summer color from Kettlewell Colours  #Summer season  #Summer colors #color analysis

Colors to AVOID and how to cope with them...

  • any color that has a Yellow (Warm) undertone
  • Yellows, oranges, tan and mustard
  • Gingery browns
  • Bright sharp greens, warm salmon or coral pinks.

If you want to make the most of your natural coloring then follow the palette from the seasonal color analysis Summer swatch fan and avoid the colors listed above.

If you must wear them (or you really like them and why not) team them with a cooler color near to your face which will soften the effect. A soft white can be introduced to make things work; a scarf near to your face, a collar over a jacket silver or white pearls earrings will introduce Cooler tones.  

Black is very heavy on your and will drain color from your face. If you must wear it aim for a slightly lower neckline and introduce some beautiful white pearls to bring softness to your face. Midnight blue is a great substitute.

Makeup for Summer skin tones

Discover the most flattering shades for your Light Cool skin tone.

It's particularly important that you find a foundation to flatter your Cool skin tone because there is a pink tinge that must be acknowledged. If you wear a flat beige it will 'flatten' your complexion.

How to use a Color Swatch

Whatever your color family, holding your new color swatch in your hand is very exciting as you flick through the beautiful colors and recognize how easily they all harmonize. 

But what next? Uh..uh... how am I supposed to transform these stunning colors into clothes to make me look fabulous? It's easy once you know how.

Summer color from Kettlewell Colours  #Summer season  #Summer colors #color analysis

Soft Summer, Cool Summer or Light Summer?

If you've been determined a Soft Summer, Cool Summer or Light Summer - then you're probably not a true Season at all.

You might even be missing out on lots of other colors you could be enjoying. 

Summer color from Kettlewell Colours  #Summer season  #Summer colors #color analysis Summer
Cool Summer - if you're not a true Summer then you're probably not a Summer at allCool Summer
Light Summer - if you're not a true Summer then you're probably not a Summer at allCool Summer

Choose your Wedding color scheme

When all the confetti has blown away you're left with memories and PHOTOGRAPHS!

Forget fashion and what the celebrities are choosing this year, the color scheme you choose for your Wedding Day should play to your strengths.

Flow Seasonal Color Analysis - what's that all about?

If you've been analyzed as 'flowing' from one season into another then you may not be a Season at all!

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