Kettlewell Colours

Bring your Color Swatch to life!

Let me introduce you to Kettlewell Colours.

This scenario may be familiar to many of you. 

You've had your colors analyzed, got your beautiful Color Swatch in your hot little hand - but what next?

How do you begin to translate that fabulous color palette into the color co-ordinated wardrobe everyone talks about?

Wherever will you be able to find clothes in those beautiful colors?

Well stand by to see your Color Swatch come to life!

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Kettlewell Colours is

a small family business in the south of England who understand color and what women want.  An effortlessly stylish range of jersey separates and dresses bring to life all the colors in your Color Swatch and show you how easy it is to mix, match and co-ordinate.   

  • If you're a Season - SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN or WINTER - they've got it covered
  • If you're Tonal - LIGHT, DEEP, COOL, WARM, BRIGHT or MUTED - they've got your colors too

  • Whatever your color palette you'll find it at Kettlewell.
  • Shop with confidence, all the hard work and co-ordination is done for you
  • Seasonally inspired outfits in every colorway

Shop with Kettlewell Colours for...

  • inspiration
  • first class quality fabric and design
  • basic wardrobe building blocks
  • an unparallelled array of 150+ colors
  • accurate sizing, cut and fit
  • colors match/work together every season
  • seasonally inspired outfits
  • see every look in your Seasonal colors
  • a few items will transform a dull closet
  • excellent customer service
  • catalogues by mail or email

6 easy ways to introduce color

Believe it or not, it's actually pretty simple to incorporate color into your wardrobe and it doesn't mean that everything you wear has to be brightly colored from now on.

It might just mean that you choose to wear a pink scarf over a grey outfit, or a bright t-shirt and contrasting nail polish with your jeans.

Here are 6 easy ways to add color without having to think too much about it...

  • Nail varnish is quick and easy adding color and elegance. 
  • A scarf - yes I'm always saying it but it really works to add a splash of color and pull an outfit together.
  • Jewelry can be even more subtle than a scarf but it brings a new flattering color up near to your face.
  • Shoes or bag. If you're choosing a brighter color it's usually better to go with one or the other. 
  • Choose a tank or t-shirt in one of your new brighter colors rather than your usual black or white.
  • Hat and gloves in the winter are perfect to brighten up a neutral winter coat.

Adapted from Kettlewell Colours - A beginners' guide...

"We believe that wearing colours to complement your complexion and reflect your personality will make you look and feel your best. .... mix and match styles and colour with ease to create your individual look"

John and Melissa Nicholson, Kettlewell Colours

If you have a Tonal color family

then choose the best shades for your individual coloring from 2 different seasons.







Choose from SPRING and SUMMER

Choose from AUTUMN and WINTER

Choose from SPRING and WINTER

Choose from SUMMER and AUTUMN

Choose from SPRING and AUTUMN

Choose from SUMMER and WINTER

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