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Petite body shape style tips

If you're a petite body shape style tips will help you achieve a good fit with your clothes

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Be safe in the sun

Be safe in the sun - get into good habits, protect yourself then relax and enjoy!

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Petite body shape

Petite body shape? Short in stature but certainly not all the same shape and size and we all have different fit problems.

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How to Style

How to style your basics in different ways allows you to create more outfits and allow everything to earn it's keep

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Autumn colors in Summer

How to wear Autumn colors in Summer? Softly sensuous shades to suit your coloring are always available?

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How to wear Sunscreen with Makeup

How to wear Sunscreen with Makeup - get into the habit and protect yourself every day not just when you're on the beach

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You can build a Capsule Wardrobe on a budget!

You can build a Capsule Wardrobe on a budget - it's more about planning and restraint than big spending!

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A Budget Capsule Wardrobe and how to work it

Look Good and Feel Good with a Budget Capsule Wardrobe - just make sure that each piece works hard for you and your lifestyle.

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Your Style Newsletter back issues

Online Color Analysis, Body shape and Style - Your Style back issues

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Style Yourself Confident

Nature provides all the clues. Style yourself confident as you discover the most flattering colors and shapes for your face and figure. And probably the best Online Color Analysis on the Internet.

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