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Online Color Analysis

“Thank you so much for the beautifully detailed color analysis, you do a wonderful job breaking down color theory into understandable terms and provide supporting visuals. This is *the* most thorough analysis I've ever received and I'm very happy with it.”

Online Color Analysis is available for email delivery worldwide.

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Think you can't wear red?

Think you can't wear red? Sure you can, just choose the best shade to suit your natural coloring so you're not over powered

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How to flatter a Rectangle body shape

Enhance your rectangle body shape by creating curves to soften your figure

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Identify your hip shape to find your Body Type

Identify your Hip Shape first - there's only 2 basic shapes - and find your Body Type

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Valentine's Day dresses

Valentine's Day dresses - $100+ reduction on top quality Talbots dresses

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Online Color Analysis

“There's so much to take in, but my immediate reaction was that it all made sense to me and there are lots of colours that I love in there. I liked the way you showed the various options so I could see the difference between warm and cool …”

Online Color Analysis is available worldwide.

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Deep Autumn or Warm Winter?

I’m a redhead with brown eyes. I’ve been told I’m a warm winter and a deep autumn. Which is it? I need help. I’ve spent 13 years in uniform, so trying

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short neck

Flatter and lengthen a short neck with an open neckline and vertical features

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Stress Free Morning

Easy ways to a stress free morning is what we all crave - ideas to help you start the day calmly and well prepared

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Online Color Analysis

“Yes, I am both Warm and Cool, but most of all ‘LIGHT’. It’s so nice to have that all addressed with the beautiful Light color palette you have chosen for me”.

Online Color Analysis is available worldwide.

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Burgundy or Maroon

Burgundy or maroon, do you know the difference? Can you choose between Warm and Cool?

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Free Color Personality Quiz

Free Color Personality Quiz - what does your color choice say about YOU? Is your personality reflected in the colors you wear?

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Real women look like you and me

What do real women look like? There's no such thing as the perfect body because real women look just like you and me - every one of us is unique!

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5 steps to raise body image

5 easy steps to raise Body Image and improve Self Esteem

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Free Color Analysis

Take the Free Color Analysis quiz to find your Tonal color family - the palette of colors that allow you to always look your best

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Online Color Analysis

With hair, eyes and skin tone all showing a Cool/blue undertone the Cool Color Family perfectly complements Kelly’s natural coloring.

Online Color Analysis is available worldwide.

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Listen to your Body Talk

Listen to your Body Talk and find the POSITIVES that Nature has given you - let them show you how to Style Yourself Confident

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5 Common Style Mistakes

5 common style mistakes; Listen to your Body Talk; Hair color; look slimmer and lots of COLOR!

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5 darn good reasons to drink more water

5 darn good reasons to drink more water - your physical and mental health, to stay fit longer, to look good and to help lose weight!

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Cool or Warm

Hello, I would like to know if I have warm or cool undertones. I'm very pale. However, I have mainly green, but also some blue/purple veins on my arms.

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Happy New Year

Forget New Year resolutions - celebrate the achievements of the OLD!

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Forget New Year Resolutions!

Forget New Year Resolutions - let's celebrate what we've actually achieved in the Old!

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body shapewear

Body Shapewear is back with a vengeance. A new generation is embracing the opportunity to sculpt an hourglass figure

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How to master 'Smart Casual'

The term ‘Smart Casual’ often causes confusion. How to strike a balance between being overdressed and appearing too casual?

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Online Color Analysis

I found Laura's delicate coloring responded best to the SUMMER colors.

She writes: A couple months ago I received your Online Color Analysis with a result of Summer. I had previously been determined Warm Spring but after several months realized the colors weren’t right. Just like to let you know that I'm very happy with your analysis the colors feel very natural and I love them. I’m also finding it more effortless to put outfits together - thank you again!

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Christmas sparkle

It's Christmas sparkle time! Silver or gold? Did you know that it's your natural coloring that probably decides your choice? Do you know your Color Family?

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Casual to party - real fast

Casual to Party wear - Real Fast! Swap out a top, change your shoes, it's quick and easy to add some sparkle!

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Find your Body Type

Do you know your Body Type? It has nothing to do with weight or size it's just bone structure, the relationship between your shoulders and hips

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No Email address supplied!!

I have cool/neutral color undertones and fair skin tones, but, I lean towards cool side. what is my color palette? Hi Lisa I've also received a Color

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10 ways to look good in the Winter

10 ways to look good in the Winter - and keep warm!

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Online Color Analysis

An Online Color Analysis determined that Kathryn was the Warm Color Family.

She writes: "I must say I was initially surprised but totally agree with your recommendations.

When I think about it I've received compliments wearing creamy white, tomato red, bright navy and salmon, and a lovely tobacco brown. Not sure why I strayed so far!" read more...

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GYPO Style Challenge

Capsule Wardrobes and GYPO Style Challenge - Shop your wardrobe and identify the gaps!

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Covered Perfectly - a touch of animal!

Covered Perfectly - a touch of animal!

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Your Style #069

Celebrity Color Analysis and Gift Voucher Special!

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Gift Vouchers for Color and Style

Never too late for the PERFECT GIFT! Instant download and access - send to anywhere in the world at the click of a finger. The gift of COLOR and STYLE lasts forever

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Lest We Forget

Lest we forget! Brixworth Church as we celebrate the centenary of the ceasefire at the end of the Great War

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Celebrity Color Analysis

Celebrity Color Analysis shows that even celebrities don't always get it right! Who do you look like?

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Soft Summer? What's that?

What's a Soft Summer? If you're a Summer your colors are always Soft, always Cool and always Light - of you're only getting a portion of this lovely mix you're missing out!

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Is there a connection between Body Type and Weight Gain?

Body type and weight gain - is there a connection? Yes where you carry your weight is usually determined by your Body Type

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Winter Coats for Spring coloring

Winter coats for Spring coloring - fresh alternatives

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How to use your color swatch

Do you know how to use your Color Swatch? Don't try to match it exactly, it's a blending tool!

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5 ways to hide Tummy Fat

5 ways to hide tummy fat - choose your styles carefully and you can disguise the 'pot'

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Color analysis Muted

Color analysis Muted coloring (soft tones) has a elegance all of it's own with classic understated shades

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Body Type Quiz

Take the Body Type quiz to identify your generic body type so you can choose the most flattering shapes for your figure

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Your Style 068

Snuggle up for Autumn/Fall

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