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Warm or Cool Skin - it's easy to identify

If you don't know your Color Family just identify whether you have a Warm or Cool skin.

It's the most important factor in being able to choose the right makeup colors, hair shades and even the clothes that you wear. 

You apply makeup to look more attractive so obviously it's better if you choose the most flattering shades.  In fact it's even more important than the colors of your clothes because your face is where everone looks first. 

Most people should be able to identify their natural coloring from the questions below.

Even after Color Analysis...

some people still aren't really aware whether they have warm or cool skin as they often haven't been given a clear explanation about their color direction.  

But wearing makeup and clothes that complements your skin tone will make you look healthier and more attractive so make a point of knowing which you are. 

The picture above shows beautiful Amy Adams with an obvious golden Warm skin and the equally gorgeous Michelle Pfeiffer with a pink toned complexion which is Cool. 

So how to tell Warm or Cool skin...

Warm or Cool skin tone #skin tone #warm or cool
Warm or Cool skin tone #skin tone #warm or cool

You are likely to be WARM

  • your skin is golden, beige or olive
  • you may have or have had freckles
  • you have red tones in your hair
  • the veins in your wrist are green
  • rich creams and golds look good on you
  • you like earthy shades
  • you find that bright pinks/blues are harsh
  • gold jewelry is flattering

You are likely to be COOL

  • your skin is pink and you flush easily
  • deeper toned skin might be sallow
  • you have a grey rim around your iris
  • the veins in your wrist are blue
  • pure or soft white is good to wear
  • you choose pinks, blues and jewel tones
  • yellow is unflattering to your skin
  • you find muddy shades dull
  • silver and pearls suit you

and these colors will suit you best...

Warm or Cool skin tone #skin tone #warm or cool
Warm or Cool skin tone #skin tone #warm or cool
Warm toned skin and lipstick #skin tone #warm or cool skin and warm lipstick
Cool toned skin and lipstick #skin tone #warm or cool skin and cool lipstick

Your natural hair color flatters your skin tone too...

WARM HAIR will always have a red influence - golden blonde, light titian red, auburn or even red toned chestnut. It could even be dark but with is a slight red undertone.  

COOL HAIR always has an ash tone - fair to light brown as a child, perhaps even white blonde, deepening to mid ash brown through to deep brunette. There may occasionally be a slight red tone (few people are 100% cool) but with a Cool skin tone it doesn't particularly suit you.

Your natural hair color is designed by nature to complement your natural skin tone but, as women, we're never satisfied.  We're always looking to make ourselves look more attractive, to brighten ourselves up or just to have a change! 

That's OK - but if you do want to change your hair color follow a few guidelines to find the Best Hair Color for YOU!

Color choice is often instinctive

You will probably instinctively choose and feel an affinity with colors that belong to the same Color Family as your own.

Color affects everything we buy.  From the cushions on your sofa to the shampoo in your bathroom, most of us are influenced by our genetic makeup.  Have you ever wondered on a shopping trip why you are drawn to one color scheme and your friend to another?

Which flowers would you choose?

Warm or Cool skin tone #skin tone #warm or cool

The pink roses and the deep green leaves are Cool colors.  If you chose these flowers then you probably have Cool coloring because instinct and choice usually follows your color family. 

The golden crysanthemums and the leaves are Warm colors.  If you chose these flowers then you probably have Warm coloring because instinct and choice usually follows your color family.

Color Analysis in Nature always gets it right. The leaves and flower of every plant belong to the same color family so that they are complementary. 

The way we do Color Analysis works in exactly the same way because when you surround yourself with makeup and clothes that complement your natural coloring, it is more pleasing to the eye.

it's like an outfit for your Face! And your face is where we look first. So whatever you decide to wear, choosing makeup shades that are compatible with either your warm or cool skin tone is the most effective way of looking your best.

Makeup is all color

I'm sure you've found your skin tone easy to identify. Once you have you need to find the best possible makeup to suit your skin.

Take a look at the amazing Look Fabulous Forever range - makeup for mature skins that gives you amazing staying power and excellent coverage without being heavy.

Then you'll always look your best.

Look Fabulous Forever - Pro Age makeup for older skins. #maturemakeup #lookfabulousforever

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