Want to increase your Style Confidence...

We know that STYLE is CONFIDENCE but what actually is STYLE CONFIDENCE?

Well, it certainly doesn't entail looking like a fashion model, in fact, it really has very little to do with 'looks'. The real key to gaining confidence in yourself and also your appearance is to VALUE YOURSELF!

A woman who values herself accepts and appreciates who she is, including her imperfections.


Good Grooming

is just about keeping yourself clean, fit and healthy both physically and mentally. Ensure that you get healthy food, rest and exercise - all ways to prove that you value yourself, that you are worth it!

You don't need to be obsessive about what you see in the mirror.

When you're looking fresh and bright with your head held high and a ready smile - you respect yourself and demand respect in return.


Love and happiness...

come from within and show as you gain confidence in your appearance. 

Do not allow yourself to be treated with less than the respect you deserve in any aspect of your life.

Respect yourself enough to turn your back!


You don't need to be a fashionista...

You don't need to become a slave to fashion to look good. When you're feeling confident in yourself people will look at YOU not what you're wearing!

As long as you make a bit of effort with hair and makeup, jeans and a t-shirt can look fabulous, particularly in a color that suits you. Dress the outfit accordingly - keep it casual or dress it up with a smart jacket and bag, heels and a scarf. There are very few places such an outfit won't take you.

How you look is not the most important thing in the world, so knock it into shape then spend your time on more important things! Take a look at the different Style Personalities and get some ideas.

Not worrying about copying everyone else? Now...


You don't need a big budget...

to look fabulous. With good grooming and a little care, a cheap outfit can look a million dollars! Whereas messy presentation and down at heel shoes can make even the most expensive outfit look terrible!

When you've cared for yourself, take a little time and trouble to care for your clothes - it will show your self respect.

Tidy hair, neat nails, white teeth, well pressed clothes - that's how to gain confidence in your appearance and value yourself.


Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative...

Very few women are born stylish - they learn to play to to their strengths and accentuate their best features and figure points.

The more you discover and understand about yourself, the more you will understand what suits you and how to make the best of your appearance. 


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