Discover Color Analysis - it's MAGIC!

Your most flattering colors are designed by NATURE
All you have to do is discover them!

Color Analysis - It's Magic!
Color Analysis - It's Magic!
  • There are 10 COLOR FAMILIES - 6 Tonal and 4 Seasonal
  • Your Color Family is determined by your EYES HAIR & SKIN
  • Wearing colors from your Color Family brings you to LIFE!

Your Colors are decided...

... at the moment of conception.

Your natural coloring is in your HAIR, EYES and SKIN TONE - it's completely genetic.

By wearing colors from your Color Family you create COLOR BALANCE. 

Each Color Family includes every color you can think of - red, blue, green, yellow, purple, grey etc. but the shades will vary to suit YOU!

There are 3 easy ways to find your COLOR FAMILY.

There are 3 ways to find your own COLOR FAMILY

1  FREE Color Analysis Quiz

You can find your nearest Tonal Color Family quickly and easily. 3 short questions to find your own best COLORS and how to wear them; makeup and hair ideas and the color swatch you need to harmonize with your... read more...

Color Analysis - It's Magic!

2a Discover how Color Analysis works

Let me show you how Color Analysis works so you can determine your own natural coloring and link them up with your own TONAL Color Family.

2b then Find your own Best Colors

Just ask yourself 3 questions...

Color Analysis - It's Magic!

3 Online Color Analysis

If you need some help I offer a personal Online Color Analysis. Complete a questionnaire, a few photographs and within 4-5 days you'll have your own full color profile with 100% guarantee of satisfaction...

Color Analysis - It's Magic!

Is there a difference? Seasonal or Tonal?

Perhaps you're wondering which to choose - or perhaps you've already had your colors done and wonder whether you've made the best choice.

The 4 SEASONAL Color Families... (these are a mix of the above)

Color Analysis - It's Magic!
Color Analysis - It's Magic!
Color Analysis - It's Magic!
Color Analysis - It's Magic!

How to use your Color Swatch

Do you know how to use your color swatch?

Whatever your color family, holding a brand new fan of your best colors for the very first time is really exciting. You'll flick through the gorgeous colors and recognize how beautifully they blend and harmonize together.

But what next? Uh..uh... how am I supposed to transform these stunning colors into clothes to make me look fabulous.

Well don't panic because I'll show you how to do it!

Color Analysis - It's Magic!

What are the Benefits of Color Analysis?

  • How does Color Analysis work?
  • Are there 2 kinds of Color Analysis?
  • Who decides my best colors?
  • Why can't I wear any color?
  • What's my Color Family?
  • Do I need a Color Swatch?
  • Is color really important?
  • I don't understand my colors
  • Help me find my Color Family
  • Not sure my analysis is correct?

12 Seasons analysis - Warm Spring, Cool Winter - they're just diluted

If you're part of a Season then you're not a True Season and your colors are being diluted!

The Flow Seasons?  What the heck that's about?

If you need to 'flow' from one Season to another then you're probably not a Season at all. You may belong to one of the Tonal Color Families and missing out on lots of additional colors.

Celebrity Color Analysis - who are you like?

Can you recognize your Color Family from these celebrities? Who do you share your natural coloring with?

Color Analysis in Nature

Nature always gets it right! Color Analysis in Nature shows how everything natural is designed to harmonize...

Testimonials - what Color Analysis can do...

Joy had been told that she was a Summer but was feeling lifeless in the colors. I identified her to be Warm Deep (that means the deepest of the warm shades are the most flattering).  Happily, she now feels more at one with her surroundings - she'd always decorated her home in those colors instinctively! 

The fabulous Warm Deep color palette really brings her to life!

Color Analysis - It's Magic!
Before and after Color Analysis - It's Magic!

Before and after Color Analysis

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