Impress with positive body language...

Do you have positive body language?

We only have one chance to make a good first impression. Are the messages your appearance is sending out doing you justice?

Whether you are:

  • being introduced to the in-laws
  • consulting the Bank Manager
  • interviewing for a new job
  • or you meet a new neighbour in the street

you want that impression to be a positive one.

It may not be fair but...

the way you present yourself, that is the way you're dressed and the way you initially address someone, is extremely revealing.

Once you understand the messages your appearance is giving out and you want to do something about it - YOU CAN!  If there's something you want to achieve you can influence the way people think about you by how you choose to look. 

Dress to the occasion - casual, conservative or fun - but friendly and positive body language is the same whatever situation you're in.

6 tips to ensure positive body language

1  Be well groomed

Good grooming speaks volumes. Most of all it shows that you take care of yourself which, in turn, shows that you respect yourself and your surroundings. An inexpensive outfit can look a million dollars when you're clean, neat and tidy. Being well groomed becomes a habit and will ensure that you're proud of yourself at all times whatever you're wearing.

3  Make eye contact

Failing to make eye contact looks as though you have something to hide. So hold your head high and make initial eye contact. It's uncomfortable to hold that contact for too long as it can become a 'stare' so make eye contact periodically through the conversation. 

3  A smile is a smile in every language

A genuine smile is a delight and works wherever you are in the world. Allow your smile to reach your eyes as you show that you are be happy to be meeting this person. A forced smile is easily spotted.

4  Use a firm handshake

Make your handshake firm but not overlong as you make eye contact. A floppy handshake makes you appear unsure of yourself and reluctant to be in close contact.

5  Repeat the person's name

When you're introduced it's very easy for the name not to register. So take just a moment to repeat the name, it's polite to say 'I'm pleased to meet you Jane' and you'll be surprised that actually saying it out loud will allow the name to lodge in your memory.

6  Listen

People love to talk about themselves so listen and show that you're interested in the person and what they have to say. It shows respect and makes people feel special. It's good to make an occasional comment, to smile or nod in agreement.

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