CAPSULE WARDROBE PLANS for Spring/Summer 2017

Holiday Wardrobe for a stress-free getaway!

Do you plan your holiday wardrobe or just pack the entire wardrobe? Most of us bring home items that we haven't worn proving that we pack far too much. 

I choose colors that will work if you are a WINTER, COOL or BRIGHT

Although I'm not Winter I do have Cool coloring and I enjoy wearing all my brightest shades when the sun's shining.

Black, white, pink and turquoise are my basic holiday choices to mix and match. I throw in a bit of purple too - these are the brightest tones from the Cool palette and I love the way they work together.

The clothes aren't exact but you can see how these colors harmonize.

Although my packing list varies slightly from year to year, I've learned that I don't need a different outfit every day and if I plan my colors carefully lots of garments are interchangeable. Most important of all, pack only items that you like and make you feel comfortable and you'll always look your best.

Flattering swimwear first

If your holiday has anything to do with the beach, swimming, cruise or even a spa, then a flattering swimsuit and beach cover are the essential items to top your packing list.

Forget the latest fashion or colors, choose the best shapes and styles you can to enhance your own figure. The prettiest coverups will take you from beach to bar to lunch. 

Decide on a color theme

The secret is to decide on a color theme that works for you and suits your natural coloring. If you've had your colors analyzed you'll know your favorites already. Choose your best neutral, a light shade and one or two brights that work together.

Holiday tan, sunshine, a fun atmosphere - this is the time when you can wear and enjoy the brightest tones of your own color palette to create your holiday wardrobe. 

Every item must work with at least two or three other things to earn it's place in your suitcase!

The rules...

  • Pack light, overweight costs are high and too many items are confusing
  • Choose one good neutral to simplify your holiday wardrobe - black, navy, taupe and white - deep tones will hide a multitude of sins for travel and beach
  • Add in two or three of your brightest shades - everything must go with 2 or 3 other items
  • Put everything in sets to check they all work before you go
  • If you need a heavier jacket or shoes use them for travel
  • Use tote bag for travel to double as a beach bag and clutch bag inside for evening
  • Pack only what makes you look and feel good at home - you don't lose weight on holiday

Holiday wardrobe Color Capsules - which one for you?


  • Use tan or beige as a neutral
  • Try coral pink and turquoise or aqua as accent colors - use a bright ivory to bring everything together

Holiday wardrobe - Spring colors #packing for holiday
Holiday wardrobe - Summer colors #packing for holiday


  • Light navy makes a great neutral at any time of the year
  • Accent colors of soft white, lavender and / or rose pink are pretty and flattering


  • Rich chocolate brown makes a beautiful neutral
  • Use stunning orange and teal as bright accent colors and a rich ivory to bring your holiday wardrobe together

Holiday wardrobe - Summer colors #packing for holiday

Choose flattering swimwear first...

  • this is the ultimate item that needs to flatter your figure
  • then choose a pretty cover up to take you to lunch or the bar
  • Choose your accessories around these main items

Versatile items for maximum mileage...

  • use cotton shirts as a blouse, jacket or beach cover up
  • a plain tank used in the daytime can be dressed up for evening
  • take a good sized tote bag to travel and double up as a beach bag
  • a pretty makeup bag can double up as a small evening clutch

Do take lots of...

  • underwear, you'll need to change far more often than usual
  • lightweight, light colored tees or sun tops - you'll always have something clean and fresh

Don't worry about taking linen...

  • Don't shy away from taking linen or, even better, a linen mix - it's fresh and cool. Even the lowliest motel rooms will provide ironing facilities these days. 

This is my list - try it in your colors and styles...

This is list for when I'm covering a city break and beach holiday together. 

Travel clothes

  • black linen trousers
  • white tee shirt
  • ivory lightweight jacket, creaseless
  • comfortable shoes or sandals

Beach clothes

  • 2 swimsuits or bikinis
  • toning shirt for protection
  • cover up dress, practical and pretty

Casual wear

  • black or navy cut off trousers/shorts
  • grey striped cut off trousers/shorts
  • t-shirts in white, pink and purple
  • few strappy tops in same colors
  • zip up fleece

Smarter wear

  • black linen trousers (worn to travel)
  • black tank top
  • white trousers
  • white tank top
  • 2 pretty tops
  • 2 easy dresses maxi or short
  • smarter sandals
  • add: bright linen shirt from swimwear to top tank


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