Covered Perfectly tops for women over 40

Like my new top?

This is my new top from Covered Perfectly and - Wow it actually fits me in all the right places!

I don't do 'skimpy' - I want something that covers the midriff and tummy, is roomy enough around the sleeves and I like a neckline that doesn't make me too hot. Oh who'd be a woman?

My daughter couldn't believe that this silky soft fabric is totally NATURAL made from European beechwood. It's breathable and I'm helping the planet.

This color block design is quite special - it draws the eye to the centre of the body giving you 'instant slim' and turns a plain pair of pants or skirt into an outfit without having to think about accessories. 

Plain black is a bit heavy for me but this lovely jade (they call it teal) is perfect and it's one of the Universal Colors so good for just about everyone. 

This is the way I like to dress, easy comfort but smart enough for anything the day throws at me.

I expect a lot from my clothes...

I want them to wash easily, keep their shape and color, and I expect them to make me look good too.

You won't be disappointed with this range. There's a color and style to suit every taste and they all have the design feature we want most - they actually FIT.

Pauline the founder of Covered Perfectly, set out to make flattering clothes for women over 40 and she succeeded with products accurately cut to size and, unusually, they're made in the USA. 

So used am I to products not coming up to quality or size that for my first top I ordered a Medium which swamped my 5ft 2" frame. Cut true to size I only need a Small (I'm a size 10/12 UK).

These are far more than just 'tops'. They're quality garments weighty enough to skim the figure but if you want to add a belt or tuck in there's no bulk.

OK what about some 'proper' models...

I'll left it a bit late to start being a fashion model and my husband's camera works better with birds and flowers - so I'll show you some different styles with 'proper' models.

The Wrapover top and the Fit and Flare (below) do a great disguise act around the 'middle' and the cascading vest (centre) is something else! It's a light and pretty chiffon ready to be styled in so many different ways to add shape or 'cover' - in fact I've been told that it works as a great beach coverup too. The perfect accessory to any outfit.  

Covered Perfectly tops for women over 40 - natural breathable fabric  #covered perfectly #over 40 #womens tops
Covered Perfectly tops for women over 40 Natural breathable fabric  #Covered Perfectly #womens tops #over 40
Covered Perfectly tops for women over 40 #Covered Perfectly #womens tops #over 40

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I must tell you - there's FREE shipping in the US (over $47) and any worldwide shipping costs or import duties are more than outweighted by the very generous Buy 2 Get 1 FREE offer.

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