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Booty Lifting Jeans; lots of Color and Beauty Spotlight Team!
February 17, 2024
Hi there

It was wonderful to read your entries to the Color Analysis competition earlier this month - thank you so much. Every one was worthy of a prize but there has to be the special one!

The winner is Julie from New Zealand who has bravely faced severe health challenges and come through with such a positive statement; "I want to embrace my future life with energy and a wardrobe of colour that brings life to my appearance too!" You'll see Julie in the March issue of Your Style.

I'm often asked about jeans that actually fit a 'woman' rather than a teenager. And I have to admit that I find it harder to fit as I get older and my figure changes. Jeans I'm assured don't need to be washed nearly as often as we think they do, so paying a little more for them (buying less in fact) could be the answer. The 'women shape' jeans I discuss below are available both sides of the Atlantic!

A beautiful cold but sunny day with blue sky here - what a tonic! with love Pamela x

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We're still in the month of love - Pamela x

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