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Leopard is back; Body Type and Weight & the Beauty Spotlight Team!.
October 21, 2023
Hi there

Hi there

'Pumpkins, perfectly plump in every way!' Not exactly a Mary Poppins quote but it sums up the pumpkins that we're enjoying every which way at the moment.

But after a wonderful week away I'm bringing you my latest favorite recipe with a touch of Greek sunshine. Shakshuka is a middle Eastern dish although many countries have their own versions, some spicier than others. A reminder of the sun, yes, but it's also a warming breakfast or lunch for the miserable weather we're currently experiencing. It's (boringly) healthy and fat-free, quick, easy and I love it! Do give it a try.

One lady wrote to tell me that Greece is on her bucket list. Well Karen, you won't be disappointed with such a delightfully hospitable country and caring people.

I don't like to make a big thing about weight BUT as we move into a new Season it means trying on last year's clothes. If you have gained weight check out my article on Body Type and Weight Gain. It may help to minimise any guilt you may feel!

The Beauty Spotlight Team add their usual brilliant new product discoveries!

Enjoy your spooky parties! Pamela X

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