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Work your Wardrobe; Weddings, Weight Gain and lots more!
November 03, 2019
Hi there

An action packed newsletter today!

Too much weight, not enough weight, are we ever happy?; who needs to shop just discover how to use what you've got; a special on mascara; find your best burgundy - and lots more.

I'm especially happy to share our beautiful family wedding with you and my Mother of the Bride dress - it's already on Sale!

And all the regular resources... for COLOR, SHAPE and STYLE!

This month's features:

* A Paris Wedding in Las Vegas

* My Mother of the Bride outfit is on SALE!

* Work your Wardrobe

* Burgundy or Maroon

* How to flatter Small Breasts

* Body Type and Weight Gain - is there a connection?

* How to choose the best mascara

* The Light Color Family

and everyone's favorite..

* Your Color Analysis pics

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See you there

Pamela x

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