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I've got COLOR, I've got SHAPE, I've got STYLE - all for YOU!!
June 30, 2019
Hi there

Unusually, we're currently roasting with a 'proper' Summer in the UK and so we're celebrating with a bit of everything to do with COLOR, SHAPE and STYLE.

This month's features:

*Covered Perfectly hiding tum and midriff

* Your color swatch comes to life

* Can I build a Capsule Wardrobe on a Budget?

* Syn Free and Scrumptious (low fat)

* The Light Color Family

* 5 darn good reasons to drink more water

* 5 steps to raise your Body Image

*1 Spring scarf - 10 ways!

and everyone's favorite..

* Your Color Analysis pics

CLICK on the image to join me online

Enjoy everything July has to offer and have fun

Pamela x

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