Your Style 071 - December 2018

Hi there!

Today is the Winter solstice (I'm writing this on Friday) and, in the northern hemisphere, it's the shortest day of the year.

Midwinter is the oldest and most important festival stretching back thousands of years and recognized the world over regardless of creed or religion. Many of the traditions have woven themselves into the way we celebrate Christmas now - candles, fairy lights and lanterns all reflect the importance of creating warmth and light encouraging the return of the sun.

However, if you're in the southern hemisphere it's the longest day of the year and you may be celebrating the holidays with sunshine and barbeques.

Wherever you are I wish you joy and and a happy and peaceful Christmas surrounded by your loved ones.  

I am so grateful for your continued support and the warmth and friendship that radiates from your lovely messages. I feel I know many of you personally and cherish the contact. Thank you so much x

What is Smart Casual?

The term ‘smart casual’ is one that often causes confusion.

Whether you’re meeting up with work colleagues for a drink or looking forward to a special Christmas event with your nearest and dearest, you need to look your best but need to strike the right balance between being overdressed and appearing too casual!

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Your Color Analysis...

Each month I show web visitors and their Online Color Analysis results. 

This month I'm delighted to share the photos of another blogger friend. Angie Ballant writes her blog, Your True Self, sharing her feelings about being a 'free spirited' over 60. Many of us can associate with that!   

Check out what Angie discovers when I analyze her Colors! 

Have a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones

and a very Happy New Year

Pamela x

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