Your Style 068 - October 2018

Hi there!

Where has the year gone?

The grandchildren are talking Christmas; the husband is talking holidays; and the daughter is talking weddings. There's a lot going on in the Graham family!

My eldest daughter Vicki is getting married in Las Vegas next September so we're very excitedly wedding dress shopping and I can't wait to be Mother of the Bride again!

Holidays are first though and I will be away for the second half of November so please, if you're thinking of Color Analysis, do submit early.

In the meantime, have a fabulous season of Hallowe'en and Bonfire fun!     

Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #style

Snuggle up time...

The first morning frost lit up the lawn yesterday so it's time for KNITWEAR! Light up your complexion with Winter White, a flattering color for practically every complexion; team it with a versatile chunky knit and you're ready for every occasion!

Busy lifestyles mean we're always on the move - in and out of cars and public transport; homes, offices and stores are frequently either over heated or over chilled making heavy Winter coats too bulky. But a wrap, poncho or cape can be whisked on or off in an instant. 

Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #style
Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #style

Recent posts you may have missed...

Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #style
Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #style
Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #style
Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #style

Your Color Analysis...

Each month I show two of our web visitors whose Color Analysis I've recently determined.

Both Bonnie and Linda have pink toned skin and show Warm and Cool color characteristics. Undertone is therefore not the most important factor because LIGHT is the primary characteristic. It doesn't means that all the colors are pastel and wishy-washy, on the contrary some are very bright, just that they all have clarity and a light pigment so as not to over power. 

If you are considering Online Color Analysis please note that I will be on holiday for the second half of November so please don't leave it too late to submit! 

Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #style
Style Yourself Confident #coloranalysis #bodyshape #style

Be with you again soon

Pamela x

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