Your Style 064 - June 2018

Hi there!

Everyone loves a Capsule and this month I've got 3 for you!

Like to travel light then the Navy Holiday Capsule is for you.

Lighter still? Take a look at my fabulous little Mini Chanel Capsule!

Find it difficult to pinpoint Smart Casual these days? No jeans or shorts, the new GYPO Summer Capsule is certainly office-appropriate Work Wear, but it epitomizes what I would call 'Summer Style'.  

Your Style 064 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #styleyourselfconfident

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8 piece Navy Holiday Capsule

Creating a NAVY holiday capsule is the most useful and practical choice for everyone. Just 8 pieces for you to pack into a holiday carry-on.

No matter your coloring, this will work.

Navy and white (or ivory if you prefer) forms the perfect base allowing you to make it individual and unique as you add your own touches of color.

I've extended this holiday capsule to show all the outfits you might choose for your own holiday scenario.

Your Style 064 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #styleyourselfconfident

My Mini Chanel Capsule

I rarely do outfit posts on here - I'm way past being a model - but I had so much fun with this!

Who would have thought that buying a new swimsuit would give me so many outfits.

Let alone getting a Chanel vibe from the 1920's.

Your Style 064 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #styleyourselfconfident

GYPO Summer Work Wear / Smart Casual Capsule

Forget the jeans and shorts, this capsule is perfect for anyone who prefers a Smart Casual look whether you're office, home based or retired.       

Build a wardrobe of stylish summer outfits. A 22 piece shopping list and how to create 17 days of mix and match outfits.  Makes getting dressed the easiest thing you'll do all day.

BONUS - 3 Summer Wedding looks included!

SUMMER WorkWear/Smart Casual Capsule $29

Recent posts you may have missed...

Your Style 064 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #styleyourselfconfident

If you have CURVED HIPS and your shoulders are roughly the same width - whether you are a size 8 or size 28 - you have an HOURGLASS FIGURE. 

Like to know how to flatter those fabulous curves?

Your Style 064 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #styleyourselfconfident

Never really understood the 4 Seasons? They're just a glorious mix of all the Tonal Color Families.

If they work for you the colors are stunning, but they don't work for everyone!

Your Color Analysis...

Two color palettes with Cool undertones. SUMMER is the gentle end of the Cool palette, a mix of Cool, Light and Muted; while dramatic WINTER is the strongest mix of Cool, Deep and Bright. Read what these ladies have to say HERE.

Are you ready for Online Color Analysis? 

Your Style 064 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #styleyourselfconfident
Your Style 064 #coloranalysis #colorandstyle #styleyourselfconfident

until next time

Pamela x

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