Your Style #061 - April 2018

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If all goes according to plan I am now on a sunbed with a glass of something sparkly in my hand! We'd just about given up hope of better weather in the UK so decided to jump ship - when suddenly the sun came out! It won't be the first time we've missed one of the best weeks of the year by going away and, inevitably, the forecast says back to normal very soon!   

Spring has finally arrived so what better than a picture book of pretty outfits for the 4 Seasons (they work for Tonal too). All the Seasonal pages have been updated so check your natural coloring so you can find some new and exciting shades to enjoy.      

Know your color direction but don't know where to start? Kettlewell brings your color swatch to life and provides the perfect visual inspiration. Wherever you choose to shop, start here to see clever co-ordination, new color combos and accessories.

Color Analysis, Body Shape and Style #onlinecoloranalysis

SPRING (Click to discover all about the Spring season)

The vibrant and vivid colors of SPRING.

Also for Color Families WARM LIGHT, LIGHT WARM and the lightest BRIGHTS

SUMMER  (Click to discover all about the Summer season)

English country garden colors of SUMMER

Also for Color Families COOL LIGHT or LIGHT COOL and the lightest MUTED shades

Autumn (Click to discover all about the Autumn season)

The season of mellow fruitfulness AUTUMN

Also for Color Families DEEP WARM or WARM DEEP and the deepest MUTED shades

Winter (Click to discover all about the Winter season)

The strong and icy tones of WINTER

Also for Color Families COOL DEEP or DEEP COOL and the deepest BRIGHTS

Kettlewell's Rainbow Necklace

Have your color palette hanging round your neck - what a clever little idea and it will harmonize with absolutely everything you wear.

A beautiful 45cm necklace with iridescent beads in 4 seasonal colors. A matching friendship bracelet is also available (see image).   

Color Analysis, Body Shape and Style #onlinecoloranalysis

Your Color Analysis...

2 beautiful ladies who have recently discovered their color palettes with Online Color Analysis and given me permission to show their photos. Are you ready to find yours? 

Color Analysis, Body Shape and Style #onlinecoloranalysis
Color Analysis, Body Shape and Style #onlinecoloranalysis
Color Analysis, Body Shape and Style #onlinecoloranalysis

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