Your Style #058 - March 2018

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I've had better weeks! My brother had open heart surgery in the USA fortunately with his closest family around him and I'm relieved to say is doing well. Closer to home my elder daughter broke her foot while her partner was risking his limbs ski-ing - how ironic is that?

While we were anticipating the start of Spring we were suddenly in the grip of Siberian temperatures, told to travel only in an emergency with our hospitals stretched to their limit.

Fortunately temperatures are improving and I thank God that my loved ones are all safe, warm and well but as always the more vulnerable in our society have suffered. But at times like this the local heroes emerge and restore our faith in human nature as we pull together.  

I know that many of you expect and cope with extreme weather conditions every year - I salute you!

Wearing black with Autumn colors

Lots of people ask about wearing black with Autumn colors!

I can't do without black in my wardrobe! Can I wear it? Is it wrong? How do I make it look flattering?

First of all, there are no 'wrongs' with color - you should wear whatever makes you feel good.

And if you don't feel it's working, well then there are always ways to make it work. 

Autumn is one of the deepest color palettes so it's only natural that you should read more...

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I hope Spring reaches you very soon!

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Pamela x

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