Your Style #049 - September 2017

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A long way from New Year, but September brings 'new beginnings'. A big gap between offspring 2 and 3 means that schooldays spanned a long time chez moi and I'm still attached to the school calendar!

September brings changes for me: birthdays and holiday treats with the littlies come to an end (especially now I've weighed myself); proud to see our eldest grandson leave for University; too late for sandals too early for boots panic; the husband is requesting more filling meals! Top of your list might be saving time or money; needing a warm early morning coverup; seeking new opportunities for work or hobby. What changes are looming in your life this month?

Thinking of Workwear for the new Season has prompted me to update the every popular Capsule Work Wardrobe - although I've kept it very simple, this time I show you where you can find the garments I've used. And at 2 different price points!

I know you're loving your COLORS but I really want to see more of you wearing the colors you love - please send a photo!!!

Style Yourself Confident - Color Shape and Style whatever your age, shape or size!

Capsule work wardrobe

This is the most basic way that a Capsule Work Wardrobe functions - and it's all updated!

Take just 9 garments that fit you well, are versatile and in neutral shades. Mixed and matched they'll happily take you to the office every week day for a whole month.

Once you've done the initial planning it takes away the morning stress of what to wear and gives completely effortless dressing. 

Style Yourself Confident - Color Shape and Style whatever your age, shape or size!

Who needs 50 Shades of Grey?

Such a useful neutral for the new Fall season but who needs 50 of Shades of Grey?

You just need to find the right shades to flatter your complexion and harmonize with all the other brighter and prettier shades in your Color Family.

Grey is very versatile and perfect for every wardrobe but some shades will suit you better than others.

Style Yourself Confident - Color Shape and Style whatever your age, shape or size!

School's back and so are satchels!

Whether it's laptop, documents, comfy shoes, lunchbox or even a cardigan at this time of year - you need a bag with SPACE. I've found some real beauties and some bargain prices. Click on each picture to see more info.

Color is different for everyone...

There are 10 main color families (6 Tonal 4 Seasons) but we are, of course, all different. So everyone who has Warm as their primary color characteristic will not look the same. Every color family has a wide spectrum of harmonizing shades so that everyone can and will find plenty of room for individuality. Warm includes only the true Warm shades from Spring and Autumn. 

Style Yourself Confident - Color Shape and Style whatever your age, shape or size!

Mary (left) with her stunning red hair had originally been analyzed Autumn but found the colors too limiting - she looks fabulous in the zingy Warm Brights. Francoise is not obviously warm at first sight but her natural elegance sits perfectly with the warm neutrals and brighter accents.  

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