Your Style #042 - January 2017

Hi there - New Year has come and gone - and you'll be pleased to hear that I'm not going to say the word 'r--------n' anywhere in this Newsletter! 

I'm not going to ask if you've indulged over the Holiday period (plus a vacation in my case), I'm just going to suggest a few positive steps to go forwards looking and feeling your best. Nurturing yourself is important, perhaps even occasionally being selfish, in turn you'll have far more of yourself to give to others. Now what better New Year 'Mantra' could there be? 

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Until next time - Pamela x

HALF PRICE - 'The Tonal Color Brief'

Still don't know your color palette or understand Color Analysis? Then you need to take advantage of this special offer - or it makes a great gift.

Tonal Color Analysis is the easiest way for you to work out your best colors and my Ebook 'Color Analysis - The Tonal Color Brief' is available at HALF PRICE until midnight 26th Jan.

All the information you need comes in 61 pages of full color:

  • How to identify your own Color Family
  • All the details of each of the 6 Tonal Color Families
  • How to wear and enjoy each of the Color Families
  • 6 x 45 shade color palettes i.e. all 6 color swatches

It's a STEAL and if you're not 100% happy ask for a REFUND

Tonal Color Brief Ebook #color analysis #color books #style makeover

NOW 27.01.17 Tonal Color Brief Ebook is back to normal price £6.00 - Well worth it!


If you want a shortcut then you need Online Color Analysis

Eaten a little too much? Take the FREE Body Type quiz

Many of us will have gained a few pounds over the Holiday period and you'll find that any extra weight always settles in the same place; in my case on my tummy and hips. It's comforting to know that it's not your fault but your body structure that dictates where that fat sits.

So start the New Year by identifying your Body Type and learning how to disguise those extra few pounds with the best shapes to flatter. 

Free Body Type quiz #color analysis #body shape #style makeover

Julia's Busty Apple shape - Guest post

I'm so pleased to welcome Julia Millies this month. An Apple shape with a large bust can be difficult to fit but, through trial and error, she's mastered the art of styling her figure and looks amazing. No more 'frumpy Mom' (those are her words!).

Her easy to copy styling tips are good for ANYONE who wants to hide a few extra pounds and present a taller and leaner silhouette. read more...

Apple body shape #color analysis #body shape #style makeover

10 ways to look good this Winter

Many of us still have the hardest part of Winter to come and keeping warm is vital. But you can step up your style at the same time and stay looking good while the Winter chills are around.  read more...

Look good in the Winter #color analysis #color books #style makeover

Instagram - and how Nature shows me the laws of Color Analysis

Instagram is all the rage but it's NEW to me and I'm loving it.

You know how much I love COLOR and nature to me is the ultimate color palette - completely organic - trees and plants are indigenous to their habitat both in color and form - see the feature on Color Analysis in Nature. 

Well Instagram is giving me a platform to go to explore this even further. Alongisde my husband's wonderful nature photographs I'm putting together outfit palettes - each of them fully complementing the wearer.

I'd love you to take a look and Follow me...

Color analysis in nature #color analysis #body shape #style makeover
Color analysis in nature #color analysis #body shape #style makeover

Style Question of the month - Makeup for Muted coloring

QUESTION: A makeup query? Being that I'm in the Muted color family which is both Summer and Fall I'm a bit confused on what colors I should use in my makeup choices. Could you give me some idea what colors I should look for please?

ANSWER: Well we say that loosely but both Summer and Autumn have elements that are not present in the Muted color family - SUMMER is Light, Cool and MUTED; AUTUMN is Deep, Warm and MUTED.Your colors are just MUTED leaving out the other elements.

Although theoretically you have elements of both Warm and Cool your colors take a middle ground and are richly blended. Warm are too .....  read more...

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