Your Style #040 - November 2016

Hi there - Winter's kicking in with a vengeance and I'm off very shortly to find some sun. I hope to have some great photographs for you next month.

The Color Brief Ebooks are all back in stock. Each gives the concise info you need to wear and enjoy your Color Family together with 45 colors. The Tonal Color Brief covers all 6 color families, a simple method to identify your colors and 45 colors for each.

The Capsule Wardrobe Ebooks - competition

You've all given the Capsule Wardrobe Ebooks a big thumbs up and thank you all for entering the competition. 

I really enjoyed your witty comments but the winner of 'The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe' is Kathy from Australia. She writes: "After 10 years as a SAHM on a minimal budget I have hardly anything to wear at all. Books on how to 'shop your closet' or find new outfits from what you already have don't work for me as I have practically nothing to work with. I need a definitive list of what to buy and how to start from scratch as I can't afford to make mistakes. The French minimalist wardrobe is my preferred style as I am a classic and I need this book to give me direction".

That touched a chord because, whatever your age, transitioning from one stage of life to another stage brings huge changes. The trick is to adapt a capsule wardrobe plan to any style that suits you and your lifestyle. I'll do more on this in the New Year. 

One major point here: the classic black that's featured in The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe doesn't have to be black, choose your own most flattering neutral. 

Will you Share Your Style with us?

'Your Style' is currently delivered to 81 different countries so it's time we really did make it YOUR STYLE!

It's heart-warming that women from such varied cultures and climes come together with the same interests. For me it's humbling and I sincerely thank you for your friendship and support.

Style Yourself Confident newsletter #color analysis

Let's take the opportunity to get to know more about each other, our opinions and tastes, the clothes that work for you and your lifestyle. Will you share a photograph with us? 

It might be climate or culture that dictates what you wear; it might be comfort or color; it may be all down to occupation. What is it that allows you to feel comfortable and confident on an ordinary day? 

I'm not looking for fashionistas or models - just ordinary women like you and me who like to feel good about themselves. If you'd rather not include your face that's fine.

To kick it off this is a photo of me in my garden earlier this year. I'm comfortable wearing trousers with an easy to wear top but I always have a jacket around. Even an old pair of jeans and a t-shirt turns into an outfit when you add a jacket - even more so with a scarf at the neckline.

Click to Share Your Style with us

Looking ahead - have you decided what you're wearing for your Christmas holiday celebrations? Will it be traditional, a big party, family orientated or a religious occasion - we'd love you to share it with us.

Style Yourself Confident newsletter #color analysis

Color Swatch pics extended...

It's always been difficult to show the Color Swatch fans properly so I've extended the images to show all the colors that are included.

You'll find large square images for all Seasonal and Tonal color families and it's so much easier to assess the color palette.

Style Yourself Confident newsletter #color analysis

Yes you can be Warm and Cool...

Style Yourself Confident newsletter #color analysis

Many women try to work out whether they're Autumn or Winter but, if you're not decisively Warm or Cool, undertone may not be the most important factor in your coloring. Color Analysis shows that Tricia's primary characteristic is her strong DEEP coloring with dark eyes brows and hair. To balance this she needs the intensity of the DEEP color family.

The DEEP color palette includes the true DEEP shades from both Autumn and Winter but excludes the other elements that don't relate. Some of Tricia's best colors are aubergine, pine green and teal, the intensity of color is far more important than whether it's Warm or Cool.

Can I wear a sleeveless dresses with flabby arms?

Each month I feature a Style Question that I've received. Although I can't analyze colors on this page I can offer help with most things that relate to looking or feeling good.

QUESTION: I'm 46 years fatty. I'm fond of sleeveless dresses but feel hesitant considering my flabby arms. Please advise me suitably.

ANSWER: There's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't have the freedom to keep cool and look attractive in sleeveless dresses.  But, like many of us, if you are less than confident... take care when choosing .... read more...

Style Yourself Confident newsletter #color analysis

Online Color Analysis

I'm afraid that Online Color Analysis is now suspended until the New Year. I'm away on vacation shortly then family time kicks in over the holidays. 

But Gift Vouchers are available for 'clever' Christmas shoppers and available right up until Christmas Eve (24th Dec).  The voucher costs just £45.00 and will be e.mailed to you so you can choose to print it and add to a gift card or forward it on by e.mail.

Style Yourself Confident newsletter #color analysis

This is not only the perfect Worldwide gift (or New Year's treat for yourself) but the results will last forever. Vouchers can be redeemed after 1st January 2017 and are valid for 1 year.

Enjoy your lead up to the holiday season

and take care

Pamela x

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