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Hi there. Thank you to everyone who responded last month. I was pleased to give away 10 of the new Color Brief Ebooks, a small gift but hopefully useful. I've now completed a compilation edition 'The Tonal Brief' which includes all 6 tonal color families, mini color swatches for each and a quick way to identify your own color family.

The feedback about your favorite articles was great, no doubt that Color (every which way) came top, then Capsule Wardrobes and how to look good on a budget - I'll keep them coming. 

You've been asking for Capsules so I've sourced the best...

You've been asking for Capsule Wardrobes and I've found just the thing. These fabulous Ebooks come with a complete capsule wardrobe guide for the Fall season.

A Capsule does not mean that everyone has to look the SAME - it gives you the basic items to work with so you can interpret the items to suit your own style. We're all different.

Capsule Work Wardrobe ebooks #capsule wardrobe #Fall outfits 2016 #capsule ebooks
The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe #French capsule wardrobe #capsule wardrobe ebooks #Fall outfits 2016

WIN a copy of The French Minimalist Capsule Wardrobe, just tell me in a few words why you need it - the best answer wins!

Like my new top?

This is me in my new top from Covered Perfectly and it fits me in all the right places!

I don't do 'skimpy' - I want something that covers the midriff and tummy area and I like a neckline that doesn't make me feel too hot. Oh who'd be a woman?

My daughter couldn't believe that this gorgeously soft fabric is totally natural and made from European beechwood - so it's breathable and I'm helping the planet too. 

This color block top is quite special as it's slimming and turns a plain pair of pants or skirt into an outfit. read more...

All wrapped up for Autumn

Get all wrapped up for Autumn with easy styling and snuggly warmth.

We have heated homes and offices, use shops that are often sweltering, jump in and out of cars and public transport - a lifestyle on the move needs read more...

All wrapped up for Autumn #autumn

Change your hair color successfully!

Want to change your hair color? We all do it but if you choose a shade that flatters your complexion then you'll always get a better result. 

Just like your makeup, your hair is an outfit for your face. Some shades will flatter you and some can make you look quite sickly. read more...

Change your hair color successfully  #hair color #change your hair color

Find the Color Families more easily

It's now easier to navigate the website to discover all the details you want to know about the 10 Color Families. 

Look at the dark blue Nav Bar at the top of your screen and point to Color.  Bring your cursor down to Tonal Color Analysis' to see all Tonal families and 'Seasonal Analysis' for the 4 Seasons.  

If you want to see my explanation for both Tonal or Seasonal click into the relevant button.

Tonal or Seasonal Color Analysis #color analysis #color families #Tonal or Seasonal color analysis

Style Question of the month - Personal Style...

Each month I feature one of the questions from my postbag. Although I can't analyze your colors on this page I can offer some help with most things that relate to looking or feeling good. You can Ask your Style Question here..

QUESTION: I've read all the style types on your site and come to the conclusion that my style is Romantic. I do dress similar to Jane Seymour but I haven't fully grasped how to pull it all together. Can you give me some tips on jewelry, makeup and such? Thank you

ANSWER: The most important element in personal style is the ability to recognize your taste and what you like!  Pulling it altogether is about staying true to the elements you've identified as 'romantic' or 'feminine'. These are just words of course, you won't really float around looking 'Romantic' all the time... read more..

Color Analysis for Mother of the Groom

Special occasions call for extra confidence so when Marcia was looking for a Mother of the Groom dress, she needed to look her elegant best and fit in with the bride's scheme.

Bride and her mother were using Tiffany blue and mink so we put them with Marcia's Winter colors to see how we could make them work.  There's always a way...

"The wedding color mockup is really nice, it makes a difference having the colors with the face in the collage, very interesting to see how color works. I found a navy dress that looks great and have gone through my wardrobe to eliminate some items that weren't right. I feel more confident when dressing now. Thanks so much for rushing to do that for me."

Online Color Analysis testimonials #online color analysis #color analysis review #Winter coloring

Color Analysis and the Holiday season

As I'm away for a couple of weeks in December and then family time will take over, I'm afraid I cannot offer Online Color Analysis from about the third week of November until after the Christmas Holiday.  If you'd like your colors analyzed in readiness for the Holiday season, please don't leave it too late as I hate to disappoint. 

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Pamela x

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