April Newsletter 2016 - Your Style #035

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When I received a Wedding Invitation for June I suddenly realized that Summer is just around the corner - holidays, family get-togethers, barbecues, garden parties, perhaps a visit to the races - what do you have planned? Whatever is on your agenda you deserve to look your best.

Take your time to plan your outfit well in advance, checking out your Colors and your Body Shape so that you do yourself justice.  For the finishing touch, take a look at the makeup range I've been trying out that's specially designed for mature skin. Look Fabulous Forever is the first Pro Age makeup - excellent coverage that manages to remain light and fresh. 'Celebrating the beauty in an older face'.  

Look Fabulous Forever - Makeup specially formulated for older skins that STAYS ON! 10% off all initial orders in April

If you can't achieve the results you're aiming for when you apply your makeup then it's time to discover how to Look Fabulous Forever!

I don't like a heavy makeup but as you get older a normal application of foundation just sort of disappears. Consequently, before we're halfway through the day it just looks as though I've never even bothered.

If you experience similar problems take a look at my review of a makeup range that's specially formulated to cope with all the problems of older skins.

Tricia Cusden the innovator of Look Fabulous Forever is a 68 year old who has faced the same problems and designed an impressive range of makeup that gives excellent coverage while still managing to look light and fresh.  

Take a look at the Look Fabulous Forever website - you'll love the Mature Makeovers and the Video Tutorials. Best of all Tricia is offering us 10% off initial orders through til the end of April.

Easy Peasy start to Color - Find your skin tone!

Whether you're looking at makeup, visiting the hairdresser or looking for a new Spring jacket, looking your best is easy once you know what suits you.    

It's really easy to identify whether your skin tone is WARM or COOL and that's all you really need to know to put yourself in control. Spend your money wisely - after all why look less than your best?

Universal Colors

Whenever you're concerned about choosing the right color, one of the 6 Universal Colors is a perfect choice because they suit just about everyone. Each of these colors sits midway between Blue and Yellow .....  and whatever your natural coloring there is sufficient undertone to harmonize and thus complement your own skin tone read more...

Real Women going Grey

"On my last hair color appointment I just decided that would be my last and I'd go 'natural'. My hairdresser was negative but I was doing it for me. I got tired of going ever three weeks to cover the roots and wanted to see how my natural color would look..."  read more...

How to dress Broad Shoulders

Do you find it difficult to dress your broad shoulders?

Although this is often a hugely attractive feature it can be a problem for some women. 

But there are ways to MINIMIZE and soften the look with just a little care when choosing your styles and shapes.   

Your Style Question of the Month -  Cool but told I have yellow undertones??

Each month I feature one of the questions from my postbag. Although I can't analyze your colors on this page I can offer some help with most things that relate to looking or feeling good.

You can Ask your Style Question here..

QUESTION: I am so confused. Can I be cool and still have yellow undertones? I've always been labeled cool, but now a beauty consultant told me I have yellow undertones.

Oh dear someone has put the cat amongst the pigeons for you! First of all, please bear in mind that 'beauty consultants' are rarely trained in color. They may be good at makeup but.... read more 

Color Analysis results for Crystal

Crystal from the U.S.A. had been analyzed in four different ways before we recently discovered that she in fact belongs to the Spring color family.

It thrilled me so much when she wrote "I'm smiling all the time..."

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