Do you appreciate and value yourself?

Do you really appreciate and value yourself? Do you measure yourself against others and think you don't have the same talents or advantages? Are you over-critical of yourself?

Self respect is the cornerstone of our existence but it's all to easy to belittle yourself and forget to recognize and be thankful for who and what you are and what you have. 

When life throws a curved ball sometimes self-worth doesn't have the opportunity to materialize or, sadly, it can be crushed. If a challenge is presented to you then you just have to get on and cope with it - but it's not necessary for you to be harsh on yourself otherwise!

You can't put the responsibility for your self esteem onto others, so take the first step, change your mindset and start to see yourself in a more positive light. Once you start to appreciate and value yourself you're setting the pattern for others to treat you with the same kind of respect. 

"The way you treat yourself sets the standard for others"    Sonya Friedman

How would you speak to your best friend...

If your best friend was feeling low would you enforce her feelings or would you offer words of encouragement? I believe you would build her up offering words of support and pointing out the qualities you admire.

Start today to recognize your own qualities, talents and virtues. Are you a good and true friend? Are you loyal? Do you have integrity? Are you good with animals / children? Can you  cook? Are you a good organizer? Are you sensitive to the feelings of others? Dig deep and make a list of at least 5 things that you would admire in others but you may have forgotten to admire in yourself. 

Allow yourself to recognize that you don't have to be perfect and you're allowed to make mistakes.

This is the first day of the rest of your life - start to respect and value yourself more, put the past to rest and move forward.

Building self respect

Do you recognize the qualities and talents that you have already? I bet you've completely overlooked what is under your nose!

Communication is paramount in this day and age. You're currently on the internet so you have some technical ability - and, therefore, you're not alone - you're in contact with the entire world - for help, for friendship, for information. Use it wisely!

There are many people in the world who are completely cut off because they lack basic amenities and basic skills.

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Value yourself as part of the bigger picture

Do you take time to notice the wonderful world around us? Look out of the window and identify something magical! Whether it's fresh air and the singing of a bird, or in the middle of the city perhaps it's the sound of a fire truck going past - both bring something good into our lives. 

A delightful article Transitioning into a Spring Lifestyle by a lady called Terry Herman made me stop and think. It's easy, in our busy lives, to forget that we're just part of the bigger picture! 

When life has really put you down it's sometimes the best time to appreciate and value yourself and what you do have. Some years ago I offered my condolences to an elderly lady who had just lost her husband. Her response was 'We had 42 years together and I couldn't have wished for more".

I've never forgotten that statement so instead of bemoaning what we've lost let's try and be thankful for what we have.

Do you put yourself down?

Many years ago, one of my earliest jobs was to work with a group of women returning to the workplace after bringing up a family. Most of them appeared to have low expectations of themselves and wondered if they'd be able to cope. 

Not only were they concerned about their lack of competence and what they had to offer an employer but they were also extremely worried about how they looked and how they'd fit into a new environment. Like most women they were ready to put themselves down and found it difficult to recognize how much they had to offer. 

After coffee and introductions, I asked them to look around and write one word or comment to describe each member of the group. They'd only been there for about 10 minutes so it was going to be based mainly on appearance.

Now - one of the most valuable female qualities that we have in abundance is the ability to share - our ideas, our aspirations, our worries. We're ready to offer encouragement and support to each other - ready to compliment and ready to nurture.

I collected the answers and the comments were amazing; positive, flattering and hugely uplifting. No-one noticed that one lady was nervous and talked a lot - they said she was chatty, friendly, and pleasant. No-one noticed that another had (in her own words) 'huge thighs' - but they did notice that she had beautiful hair and was very friendly.

Each of those women went home with 10 scraps of paper with words of warmth pointing out the positive points they'd never even noticed.

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