5 steps - Raise Body Image and Self Esteem

You can start to raise body image and self esteem today - with 5 simple steps. 

Don't put your life on hold 'til you've lost weight or you get the new job - life is short and putting things 'off' can become a habit.  

Next week, next month, the New Year - phrases we all use when we're afraid to step out of our comfort zone. The 5 easy steps listed below are positive things you can actually do TODAY!

Take just one step forward and it can change your complete perception of yourself because you've proved something and can be justifiably proud.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life...

Relax and trust yourself to enjoy a new experience and you'll soon be ready to face the world with more confidence.

1  Love your body

The female body is amazing - a perfect piece of machinery that can walk, talk, run, bend and stretch. You can love, laugh, cry, think, feel, reason and you can even give birth - that's pretty incredible!

It's time to give your body credit for all the things it does for you. Raise your body image and self esteem by thinking about loving and valuing yourself more.

START TODAY - stand in front of the mirror and recognize how good your body has been to you even if you've neglected it in the past. From today, decide to start appreciating and treating your body with more respect and love. Until you love yourself you have little to give to others.  

2  Forget the Diet

Your bone structure decides your shape, it has nothing to do with weight. Even if you are carrying a little extra weight you can learn how to flatter your figure and make the most of your appearance whatever your age, shape or size. Just take care of your body first...

START TODAY - Go to the new Body Type Quiz - it will quickly and easily guide you to your generic Body Type. See how easy it is? You already know more than most women about body shape so consider it a step up on your score to raise body image and self esteem. More knowledge about how to dress will promote confidence.

3  Take care of your body

Your car needs to be maintained and needs the right fuel to run properly, but we frequently mistreat our own body. You need healthy food, plenty of water to drink, enough sleep and a modicum of exercise to function to your full potential.

Start today – Drink 4-5 glasses of water and take 10 minutes walk in the fresh air. Plan your Positive Body Image menu for tomorrow and shop for fresh food.  Better nutrition will lead to better health and more energy.

4  Good Grooming

If you don't take care of your clothes they look terrible - even expensive items. Good grooming allows you to look fabulous in the most basic garments - it just takes a bit of effort. Looking clean, smart and smelling good not only gives you a more positive body image and increases self respect, but it's considered a compliment to those around you.

Start todayGood Grooming is an essential daily part of keeping your body healthy so brush up your personal presentation today.  Use products that feel and smell luxurious for your bath/shower and shampoo that you enjoy using. Use a good deodorant and toothpaste, keep your nails neat and tidy nails and add a natural makeup - you’ll look fabulous!

5  Having fun helps to raise body image and self esteem

Everyone deserves to have some fun. Arrange an outing even if it's only meeting a friend for coffee; go window shopping even if you can't afford to buy; give someone a compliment and receive a smile in return! 

Get involved in a local community group, volunteer to help in a project at work, join a local slimming group - joining in with like minded people finds new friends.

START TODAY - Can't arrange anything today then take a couple of FREE quizzes and discover something about yourself that you didn't know before - something that you like. The Free Color Analysis Quiz will help you to make the most and the best of the way you look and the Free Color Personality Quiz will identify some positive points of your personality.

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