Is this an Online Makeover?

Is this an Online Makeover? 

Absolutely not - no-one is going to tell you what to do or how you should look.

But allow me to share my knowledge and experience so you can discover the secrets of how you can LOOK GOOD and FEEL GOOD about yourself.

Did you know that Nature has designed us all so cleverly that it's possible for everyone to look and feel their best. All you have to do is look for the natural messages already there in your own face and figure.   

I'm going to show you how to discover all the secrets of Color, Shape and Style that are just waiting for you - with just a bit of inspiration to help you fulfill your real potential.

So if you ...

Is this an online makeover? #color analysis  #body shape
  • would like to feel more confident and self assured with your appearance
  • don't want to look the way someone else thinks you should
  • feel nervous that someone might criticize your appearance
  • don't have an unlimited budget and need to learn the tricks of the trade

  • then you're in the right place - READ ON!

Forget TV Makeovers...

How many times have you watched television programs where very normal, lovely ladies are supposedly given a Style or Online Makeover? They're stripped down to their underwear, pushed around, criticized and then bundled into bizarre clothes that they normally wouldn’t be seen dead in!

How confident would that make YOU feel???? Probably just the way I felt when I originally trained in Color and Image – but that’s another story…… (read more About Me)

And we've seen what happens afterwards. Usually the victims drift back to the way they were before as they have no idea of what was actually going on. Sadly, they probably remember the bullying and humiliation far more than anything they may have learned about the shapes and styles to suit their figure.

How humiliating is that?

That really is the worse side of Image Consultancy, but it still happens. It's vital that you feel comfortable in your own skin at all times otherwise you will never feel good about yourself.

Discovering all your natural potential is a bit like doing your own Online Makeover but being completely in control.

Style has little or nothing to do with Fashion. Of course it's very nice to have up to date clothes but it's far more important to know how to dress to suit your own figure. We're all unique individuals and what's right for one person is completely wrong for the next. I'm going to show you how to discover yourself from the INSIDE OUT!

Recognize your own Body Talk

The Colors that bring you to life

Your natural coloring determines the COLORS that allow you to look your best. It's genetic and it never changes!

Is this an online makeover? #color analysis  #body shape

Your own Body Type

The bone structure you were born with determines your Body Type. It has nothing to do with weight, you can't change your frame.

Your body frame is the way your hips and shoulders relate to each other. Just take the Body Type Quiz. 

Is this an online makeover? #color analysis  #body shape

Dress for your Body Shape

We're all individuals and no-one is actually moulded to a size 8, 10 or 12! Therefore it's very common to have problems with fit. If you've got narrow shoulders, a heavy bust, want to look a bit taller - there are easy ways to cope with your Body Shape problem.

Is this an online makeover? #color analysis  #body shape

Style Personality

What you choose to wear only needs to work for YOU and your LIFESTYLE, so don't worry about anyone else. What style would you choose for inspiration?

Is this an online makeover? #color analysis  #body shape

Or need a bit of Body Love...

This may be the place to start...

There's no right way to look, we're all so different. But appreciating yourself and feeling good in your own skin is where we all need to begin.

Is this an online makeover? #color analysis  #body shape

Forget fashion, discover what's right for YOU!

Fashions come and go - some will suit you some won't. But once you understand how the principals of Color, Shape and Style actually relate to your own face and figure, you're in a position to make an informed decision.

Whatever your lifestyle and whatever your budget, you'll always be able to choose the colors that make you look more attractive and only spend your hard earned money on shapes and styles that do you justice!

There's lots more to discover in your Online Makeover - the information will last you a lifetime!

Choose your own Style Steps

and find just the information you want - identify where exactly you need a 'bite' of confidence.

If you don't easily see what you want, use the Sitemap or the Search box at the top right of each page to find specific information or a subject you're interested in. 

We can all be a bit complacent sometimes, and we forget to value ourselves. Try a new color, a new style, a different shade of makeup - a change keeps us looking and feeling fresh and young.

Share and enjoy all this information shared with so many women from my Style Workshop days, use and enjoy it to the full in whatever way is right for you.

As always, TAKE what works for you and REJECT what doesn't!

But if you want an Online Makeover...

Although all the information you need is in this website, sometimes it's difficult to be objective about ourselves.

So if you'd like some help take a look at the Online Color and Style services on offer

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