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Million Mask Challenge

It's not easy to keep positive all the time but it certainly helps my anxiety and frustration if I can find a project that I think and hope might help even if just a little.  

It helped me to feel a little more in control as I decided to make facemasks for my friends and family should the need arise. 

Using a couple of cottons shirts that I had earmarked for the charity shop, it was recycling with a purpose as I cut out about 14 masks.  

They were both a closely woven quality cotton and, because the masks are made of double thickness, there is a central gap where additional protection can be added if necessary. 

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Then I came across an 'angel' !

Searching the Internet for a pattern, I came across the owner of a sewing shop in Ohio who has marshalled a whole army of sewers to make a MILLION facemasks for her local hospital.

Although they don't provide the ultimate protection they are hospital approved to be the best available and, in a crisis, better than nothing.

I now understand that the same wonderful scheme has been instigated in many other cities across the US and now in the UK.

This selfless lady has generously shared the pattern with instructions to the world at large. CLICK onto the IMAGE above to access the link.

So whatever your sewing skills (and they don't have to be perfect by any means), I hope this is of help to you personally or perhaps you might add to the number of sewing angels!

This lady, from the Pins and Needles sewing shop in Ohio, is just one of the frontline angels who is keeping our countries ticking over in this horrific crisis.

Please also note:

Cotton face masks are washable and reusable. After wear remove carefully to avoid infection and machine or hand wash in hot soapy water. Always wash your hands.

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