Life with Coronavirus

How quickly life changed.

Spring began with blue sky and sunshine while the world was riddled with disease, an unseen enemy. 

Wherever you are in the world we shared the same feelings - anxiety, frustration, missing the freedom we take so much for granted and hugs from family. 

Yet so many positives. My wonderful husband coped with continual burnt offerings as I couldn't concentrate, the safety of home and garden, a well stocked larder and, most of all, the incredible sacrifice being made by the front line workers here in the UK.

We have adapted to a new regime and even new words - 'lockdown' meant drinking in the pub after hours, and 'ramping up' somehow related to plasma!

Life with Coronavirus #covid19 #coronavirus #womenandcoronavirus

The world has changed immeasurably in 3 short months but, in the middle of the misery, human nature shines.

Community spirit is thriving as more people shop locally, home baking has resumed and we appear to be re-appraising our priorities.

An explosion of musical and innovative talent and businesses changing direction to meet the demand of the day - I'm dazzled by the creativity. Even the sky is bluer with less polution!

I wonder if, like me, you have wobbly days when you wonder if you'll ever hug your kids again. I'm humbled by the venerable words of our new National Hero, 100 year old Captain Tom, who tells us "tomorrow will be a good day; we will get through this and come out of it stronger more united and ready to face any challenge together!" In the meantime he seranades us with 'We'll never walk alone' A legend!

Ready for Home Hair Color

Getting desperate for a touch-up ladies?

If you want to become self-sufficient and save a bunch of money long term, home hair colors are incredible these days. 

Take a look at my hair makeover this week.

Life with Coronavirus #covid19 #coronavirus #womenandcoronavirus

10 tips for healthier hair

Make the most of being home based and adopt my 10 tips for healthier hair!

Lack of time in the mornings generally means that your hair may not receive the gentle treatment it deserves. 

Fast blow dries, heated styling products and holding spray are all damaging when used to excess. Time to give it a break!

Life with Coronavirus #covid19 #coronavirus #womenandcoronavirus

Sisters in self isolation

We're Sisters in Self isolation the world over as we fight to stay positive and take some element of control in this crazy world! 

For the first time in history we are all fighting a common enemy.

Share a few of the ways I'm managing to keep positive as we self isolate.

Life with Coronavirus #covid19 #coronavirus #womenandcoronavirus

The Million Mask Challenge

To combat frustration at this crazy old world I decided to make facemasks for my friends and family. 

What I found was an amazing lady who is marshalling an entire team of sewers to make a MILLION facemasks for her local hospital.

She is generous enough to share her instructions and pattern with the world.

Life with Coronavirus #covid19 #coronavirus #womenandcoronavirus

Time for some Body Love

While the world is in chaos it's even more important than usual to practice some BODY LOVE.

We're shown daily how very precious our normal life really is.  And instead of worrying about what we're missing most of us are appreciating how lucky we are to be safe with a roof over our heads, food to eat and fresh air to breathe.

Decide to practice some body love TODAY because life will get back to normal!

Life with Coronavirus #covid19 #coronavirus #womenandcoronavirus

Facial Hair Remover

Most women don't talk about facial hair! In fact, it's the sort of thing that's rarely mentioned even between the best of friends.

And of course beauty salons are OUT.

Although facial hair can be a severe problem for some women and I'm certainly not equipped to give advice in that direction - for the majority of us it's wispy hairs that, like mushrooms, spring up overnight and ... read more...

Life with Coronavirus #covid19 #coronavirus #womenandcoronavirus

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