Do you know how hair grows?

How does hair grow? Understand the structure of how hair grows and you'll see that strong hair is a product of your overall health.

The best diet will feed your hair and overall healthcare will ensure that you have a healthy and beautiful 'crowning glory'.

Although there are differences across ethnicity in the structure, density and growth of hair all hair has the same basic composition.

Hair is simply an extension of the skin

and contains the same pigment cells. Skin, as we know, loses some elasticity and color 'bloom' as we age. 

Hair is subject to the same kind of aging process and loss of color as our skin. The good news is that you can always think about changing your hair color and putting some color back into it and attempting to improve the condition.

How hair grows healthily

Hair is really is just an extension of your skin - a tube of cells folds down and creates something like a small balloon that forms a hair follicle; the hair grows from the root of this follicle.

Hair root cells go through a life cycle rather like skin cells but instead of producing a layer of dead skin cells they produce the hair shaft. Except for the cells at the base of the hair follicle the actual hair is a dead structure and is made of keratin the same material as a fingernail.

An average human head will have about 100,000 hairs and around 90 hairs will fall out daily. Most of these will grow back but under some conditions, if the hair follicle is not healthy they may not be replaced and hair may begin to thin in both men and women. 

Hair follicles can be affected by stress, illness and poor nutrition just like the rest of our body and once a hair follicle has died it cannot be resurrected. Whatever ethnicity you are a healthy body and good nutrition is necessary to feed your hair cells from within.

Some ethnicity need to take additional care...

Some Ethnicity may need additional care. Asian hair is considered to be the strongest, whereas Afro-textured hair is very susceptible to damage due to the twisted curly hair shaft.

Facts about hair

  • Your hair color is determined at the moment of your conception
  • Second only to bone marrow, hair is the fastest growing tissue in the body
  • Hair is at it's most delicate when wet, so brush or comb carefully
  • Shampooing, drying and styling hair will not cause damage in moderation, avoid over-excessive use
  • If hair wasn't dead material, it would hurt when it was cut
  • Female hair grows more slowly than male
  • Cutting hair does not influence it's growth
  • Split ends cannot be repaired, they need to be cut
  • Hair grows more quickly in warm weather
  • Dandruff is hereditary

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