Explore your creative instincts...

How would you like to look? Putting together a Fashion Collage will allow you to explore your creative instincts.

This is a grown up version of what we used to do at school - it's fantasy, it's fun and it's a great way to let your ideas flow. You can assemble pictures whenever something catches your eye.

When you've discovered your Best Colors and your Body Type you'll begin to see why you chose the outfits you did!

The colors and shapes you choose will be instinctive. Once you've established your Style Personality - you'll have the confidence to develop your look further.

How to make a fashion collage

  • find some pictures that grab your attention
  • a woman you admire, a look that appeals
  • colors that you're drawn to
  • prints and styles that talk to you

You can do this the old fashioned way by cutting out of magazines, pin onto a Pinterest board or create a collage electronically on Polyvore.

Don't worry about fashion, just go with your instincts and collect pictures that you like - it doesn't matter how higgledy-piggledy they are.

Build your fashion collage just like an interior designer...

Assemble your pictures in the same way as an interior designer assembles a mood board for a room scheme.

All the colors, textures and shapes that go into a room scheme are mixed, layered and butted together until the designer achieves the whole 'feeling' that just feels right!

Once you've assembled your fashion pictures, add in some activity pictures - what you'd like to experience, where you'd like to visit.

If you  build a collage electronically you can even use it as your desktop background.

As you discover the COLORS, SHAPES and STYLES that are right for you, you'll see a connection with the colors and styles you instinctively chose!

Your FASHION COLLAGE will help you with organizing and WARDROBE PLANNING

Does your fashion collage present a wonderful new world to you? If you were to achieve this fabulous fantasy look, (with money no object) how would it make you feel?

Time to add in some descriptive words to your picture - beautiful, glamorous, relaxed, in control, sophisticated, professional, comfortable - choose words which lend themselves to the way you'd like to feel. Is this the feeling that would make you feel good and boost your self confidence. 

This is my very classic look - the way you want to look is probably completely different!

Would you feel Successful?  Elegant? Professional?
Would your look boost your confidence?

Your instinctive style will come to life...

You might never achieve this actual look but it will encourage you to be more aware of what's around and what's available. It's so easy to get completely out of date with what's currently on offer. 

I hope you discover lots of tips and techniques to boost your confidence and present you with new inspiration as you travel through this Online Workshop.

There's no time limit on your creation so allow your ideas to change and develop as you become more inspired. If you're making a hands-on version, mount it on the inside of your wardrobe to inspire you in the mornings or somewhere that catches your eye. Enjoy the individuality that only YOU have created.

Start with COLOR - it's exciting to find the colors that make you look good - so why not start with the Free Color Analysis Quiz or check out how to Do your Own Color Analysis!

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