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Ready to dress for Spring?

Ready to dress for Spring? Or not feeling quite as confident as you'd like to when you look in your wardrobe.

It's a time of new beginnings and after a hard Winter, we should be embracing every opportunity to welcome the lighter nights and warmer days.

However, many of us panic a little when the Seasons suddenly change. No sooner have we got the Winter wardrobe working well - and it's all change again!

But there's no need to panic it can be a gentle change from one season to the next and your wardrobe only needs to cope with a gentle transition too.

Springtime in Paris...

has captured our hearts - perfume fills every boulevard! So goes the song. 

Paris is the perfect place to take a look at how a French woman uses her minimal but oh so chic capsule wardrobe for the new season.

French Fashion Style

No-one does the capsule wardrobe like a French woman and there's so much we can learn from her example. Let's go back to basics and see how it's done!

Dress for Spring #spring style

Spring Chic!

A city break, wherever you are in the world, takes a little planning. 

Copy the Europeans by adding just 2 or 3 items to your basic wardrobe and you'll be ready for the epitome of French fashion style - Springtime in Paris!

Dress for Spring #spring style

Well groomed Europeans...

Taking care of yourself and good grooming are priorities for most Europeans. A 10 point checklist shows what you think is important for great personal presentation and feeling confident. 

Dress for Spring #spring style

Is SPRING your color palette?

Dress for Spring in the beautiful bright fresh color palette of the season.  If you have 3 distinct color characteristics Warm, Light and Bright then this for you. 

Dress for Spring #spring style

Transitioning into a Spring lifestyle

This is a delightful article from an expert and writer in the field of Health and Wellness. Terry Herman writes, not only poetically about the changing seasons but, with equal authority, she brings you some excellent Spring beauty tips.

Dress for Spring #spring style

European Style Personality

Understated, simplicity and quality are your keynotes. These factors are far more important than considering a designer brand. You have the confidence to be yourself and always appear stylish but modestly dressed without the need for high fashion trends or gimmicks. Copy the City Chic look...

Dress for Spring #spring style

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