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What is a Classic makeup?

A Classic makeup look is timeless, elegant, relatively simple and will always allow you to look your best.

In spite of the sheer extent of cosmetic products on the market today, you might be amazed to know just how many women lack confidence when applying makeup.

Whatever your age, if you're one of the many women who would like some help stay tuned for the Makeup Tutorial. Link at bottom of the page.

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The majority of magazine articles are concerned with the dramatic, the exotic and the unconventional, rather than the basic techniques which will allow you to achieve a classic makeup. 

A natural makeup in 5 minutes

There's no mystique to applying cosmetics and there's there's no reason why you can't apply a natural looking makeup in 5 minutes flat. A few minutes enables every woman to look more attractive.

If you know your color family or at least know your skin tone, then choosing the right colors will be a breeze. 

Not sure? then take a look at how to discover your skin tone.  Get the colors right and you'll only ever need one set of cosmetics to harmonize with everything you wear. You'll never have to buy a lipstick to match a new dress ever again.

You need colors that complement your complexion

Determine whether you have a Warm skin tone or Cool skin tone because, once you know the colors to look for, you can buy fabulous cosmetic products without spending a fortune. It's far more about choosing something that suits your skin and knowing how to apply the products.

Skin care and makeup are designed to complement each other, so although it isn't essential to use everything from the same range, the products are actually designed to work together.

That doesn't mean that they have to be the most expensive - there are many excellent and inexpensive ranges on the market.

A clean and healthy skin

However well you apply a makeup, the finished effect is dependent on the condition of your skin.

If your skin is dull, tired and uncared for, you'll never achieve the fresh radiant look that we all aim for.

It's a bit like painting on a dirty canvas. A  clean and healthy skin will ensure that your makeup stays fresher longer and won't be absorbed into the skin. 

Good products will never harm your skin. In fact, they protect you from the elements as most products contain a modicum of sun protection. Not cleaning your skin, however, can be harmful. Clean your face thoroughly twice a day - just a few minutes will really pay dividends.

A classic makeup gives you the professional edge

There is no doubt that wearing cosmetics influences the way people look at you.  Wearing makeup in the work place allows you to look well groomed and more 'put together'. 

Presenting yourself properly is part of a professional image. It's a crazy statistic but women who wear a certain amount of makeup actually earn more than those who don't.

Good presentation gives the impression that you are better equipped to do the job.


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