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A Capsule Wardrobe for Winter coloring

Just discovered I'm a Winter, where do I start?

  • A small capsule wardrobe for Winter coloring would be a great place to start. A little planning will soon show you how to mix and match and get the feel for your beautiful colors.
  • It's never as frightening as it first sounds! I bet you've got several basic items in your wardrobe already which will give you a jump start.
  • Everyone needs essential items like a jacket, trousers and a skirt in neutral colors which will form the 'backbone' of your wardrobe. Your best neutrals are black, grey and navy and any garments you already have in these deep shades will give you the perfect base on which to 'hang' your brighter colors.
Capsule wardrobe for Winter coloring #capsule wardrobe #Winter coloring

How to use my color swatch...

  • If you have Winter coloring then you have a blue undertone to your complexion and strong contrast between your eyes, skin tone and hair. Your eyes in particular are brilliant and to balance this vivid natural coloring you need the most crisp and beautiful jewel toned shades of color.
  • Use the deepest tones in your swatch to form the base of your wardrobe, the lightest shades nearest to your face and the Brightest colors as accents. By introducing one or two of your favorite accent colors into a neutral mix, you will see how quickly your wardrobe will come to life. 

How to translate your Color Swatch into a

Capsule Wardrobe for Winter coloring

This is the perfect capsule wardrobe for Winter coloring to show you how it works. All you need is a few basic neutral garments then add to the mix a few bright and lights - you'll have an endless amount of outfits. Every time you add just one more piece it increases the number of looks you can create. 

Choose versatile pieces that will lend themselves to mixing, matching and layering. Separates will always give you more mileage. 

The tops and poncho featured above can be found at Kettlewell Colours - they produce a brilliant range of jersey separates made in every color from every Color Swatch! It's the perfect way to get color into your closet. 

A few of the looks you can create ...

Capsule wardrobe for Winter coloring #capsule wardrobe #Winter coloring outfits as put together by Kettlewell Colours

This collection of clothes offers something for most occasions but the pieces that you choose will depend on your own lifestyle and your day-to-day activities. Remember, your wardrobe only has to work for YOU - no-one else!

Bring your Color Swatch to Life!

Whatever your Color Family see how to bring your Color Swatch to life - the co-ordination is done for you!

24 Winter color combinations

You don't have to base your wardrobe on black or navy, I've got 24 new color combinations for you to try. You may be Winter but you certainly don't have to look like every other Winter!

The capsule wardrobe shown above:

is an easy idea to copy at any price point. Your wardrobe will develop depending according to what you already have in your closet and, of course, according to your own budget.

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