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Adjust clothing to fit and get your best look

Show off your figure to advantage...

If you adjust clothing to fit your figure well you really will show yourself to advantage.

Even if you follow carefully all the styling tips and learn to dress your body shape, there are certain fit problems that can only be addressed by actually altering the garment. It's worthwhile finding a tailor or local dressmaker to alter or adjust your garments and fit your body correctly. 

Some common fitting issues, shared by millions of women, can be easily fixed. Do you have a sway back and your pants not fit properly like mine? If you recognize that you're not the only one with these kind of problems, it makes it easier to cope with.

You can adjust clothing to fit...

If you can sew, even just a little, you can do your own alterations. You’ll make huge savings over getting a professional to do it.

Never learned to sew? If the same adjustment is necessary time after time, it's a great idea to learn how to do it yourself. If you join a sewing class, you will learn how to fit to your own body and soon be able to achieve a professional finish. 

A tailor will always know how to adjust clothing to fit, but there are some really easy things you could tackle that will make such a difference to the way you look. 

The most important factor is to recognize a GOOD FIT!


The most common fit problem is probably length and, on a plain garment, adjusting the hem is the easiest job of all.

If you're shorter than average, you will be affected by length of sleeves, top and hemline. Look at the difference it can make by altering a single hemline. When the top is too long it throws the body out of proportion, making the legs look shorter and overwhelming the figure. 

Skirt and dress hemlines can be adjusted to bring the body into proportion. If you know a hem needs to be adjusted select a garment with a plain and neat hemline. 

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An inexpensive outfit tailored to fit your figure can look a Million Dollars!

Shoulder width

A good shoulder line improves the overall finished effect of any garment which hangs from the shoulder. If there is too much fabric overhanging the arm, movement may be restricted. If the shoulder seam is too long additional fabric will form bulky pleats.  

Although you will need a tailor to tackle a jacket like this, if you are dealing with a fine fabric like a blouse, you could put tucks along the shoulder seam to make it shorter.

Narrow shoulders can have a shoulder pad added to give more definition to the figure.

Gaping waist band - a sway or hollow back...

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If your skirt or trousers gapes at the back of your waist, you probably have a Sway or hollow back. 

One very easy way to pull in the waist is to thread wide elastic through the back half of the waistband. At each side of the waistband make a small slit on the inside. Thread wide elastic from one side to another along the back of the skirt, and stitch it firmly both ends to pull in sufficiently to fit.

With jeans there are too many seams to do this but you might be able to put small tucks each side of the back seam. If there is too much fabric down the back seam you will need to adjust clothing to fit more precisely. 

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