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Makeup Tricks to Look Younger; Be Confident in Swimwear; your Color Analysis pics
July 07, 2024
Hi there

We're entering the second half of the year trying to enjoy the 'Summer' but with damp and chilly weather alongside a General Election this week! Not a pleasant picture all round!

On the other hand in other parts of the world some of you are experiencing uncomfortably high temperatures, fires and dangerous hurricanes. The world is a scary place, please keep safe!

Can I ask for your help? I recently had a lady tell me that she found the navigation difficult on this website. I hope the Nav Bar at the top is clear and there is a Site Map at the top of every page too. Unless I've missed something I aim to have a link in every image. Can you please let me know if and where you find any problems with moving around or if you have suggestions to improve? Contact me...

Recently another reader said that she liked this website as it looked retro! The interpretation of retro is "new things that display characteristics of the past"! Haha, I'm not trying to be retro, I AM retro, if it's currently just a little in fashion how lucky am I that you like to read it?? Pamela X

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