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Warm or Cool Makeup; Beauty Spotlight Team;Your Color Analysis pics and much more!
May 25, 2024
Hi there

We appear to be in a different climate to 2 weeks ago when I announced that Summer had arrived in the UK! It's back into Winter at the moment but we're used to it, keeps us on our toes!

Fortunately, many of you will be thoroughly enjoying some beautiful sunshine and hopefully have special occasions coming up. It's good to give your makeup bag a refresh for the warmer weather and ensure that you are making the best of yourself. Still not sure whether your makeup is doing you justice? Then check out the Warm and Cool article below and ensure that you are wearing the most flattering shades for your skin.

It's a bumper Beauty Spotlight Team entry today, some great skincare items featured!

I've had some great comments about my Work your Wardrobe feature from last time. It's just a timely reminder to make the most of what you have, it's so easy to allow things to get 'out of sight, out of mind'!

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